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Java Servlet, JSP and Hibernate: Build eCommerce Website

Java Servlet, JSP and Hibernate: Build eCommerce Website

Java Servlet, JSP and Hibernate: Build eCommerce Website, 
Code Functional Bookshop Website with Java Servlet and Hibernate framework. Full-stack Development. Job-ready Skills.

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What you'll learn
  • Program a complete e-commerce website that sells books using Java Servlet, JSP and Hibernate framework
  • Build a Bookstore website that allows the customer to browse books, view details, search books, write reviews and register account and purchase books
  • PayPal payment integration (including credit card payment)
  • Build the admin panel that allows managers to manage books, customers, reviews and orders
  • Use Hibernate framework with JPA for the data access layer
  • Use Java Servlet for the controller layer
  • Use JSP and JSTL for the view layer
  • Use HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery for the view layer
  • Build Mobile-first, Responsive Website with Bootstrap
  • Design and manage Database with MySQL
  • Code unit tests with JUnit
  • Package and Deploy the website with Tomcat server

  • Have basic knowledge in Java, JSP, Servlet and Hibernate
  • A little knowledge about HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery (optional)
Dear potential students / future talented developers:

This course helps you master practical Java programming skills you need to create professional real-world websites from begin to end - Adding an awesome experience to your résumé. Earn job-ready skills!

Why using Java Servlet, JSP, JSTL and Hibernate framework???

You know, Java Servlet, JavaServer Pages (JSP) and JSTL are the core technologies in Java EE, which is the platform for building web applications running on Java Virtual Machine (JVM). If you're beginner in Java EE, you should master these technologies before going with frameworks like Spring or Struts, which are based on Java EE's core technologies. That means you will learn those frameworks faster and easier when you have foundation of Java Servlet and related technologies.

And Hibernate is the most popular ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) framework that makes programming with data access layer much more easily.

You will learn how to build a sophisticated, functioning e-commerce website that sells books online!

By completing this course, you will be able to confidently apply for any Java web development jobs, or doing Java freelance projects online.

This is a complete hands-on programming course in which you will see I type every single line of code. No boring theory.

"Covers every detail of a real world application" - said student Anastasios Lelakis

What makes this course different?

In this course, I use a lot of UML diagrams and pictures to help you understand how things work so you can follow along the course easily.

"I enjoy the way and approach you have used in demonstrating with diagrams, tables and step by step explanation" - said student Ioryaasa Godfrey Akpera

This course is built and taught by a Java expert who has been programming Java for 18 years.

With over 62 hours of video, you learn every step of the development process. So you can learn from zero experience.

You learn to build a complete e-commerce website with all functionalities.

You get rapid support from the instructor who will reply your questions within few hours, not days.

"The course is very well structured and the teacher Nam explains everything step by step in a clear way. Whenever you have a question, he usually replies within 1-2 days and helps you out. Very much enjoying this course and hope to use this knowledge to start building out my own webapps!" - said student Eugene

In this course, you will learn how to apply core technologies in Java EE like Servlet, JSP, JSTL and Hibernate framework to build a complete website to sell books online.

On the back-end side (Admin control panel) you will develop the following features:

Users management (include admin login/logout)

Category management.

Book management.

Review management.

Customer management.

Order management.

Statistics (admin dashboard)

On the front-end side (shopping website), you will develop the following features:

Homepage: List newly published books; best-selling books; most-favored books

List books in a category

View book details

Search books

Shopping Cart

Customer Registration

Write reviews for books

Place order (Checkout)

PayPal Payment Integration (include credit card payment)

In addition, there are also many assignments from easy to hard to help you practice.

Why should you buy this course?

Acquire the skills to build e-commerce websites with Java

To learn fast from expert - this will save you a lot of time and avoid trials and errors

By completing the project in this course, you earn an awesome experience which you can proudly include in your resume - so you can get Java programming job easier.

If you're a final year student, consider to make your final year project from this course.

Advance your Java programming skills to a new level.

"Amazing experience after this course. Thank you instructor." - said student Dhara Patel


You will get a copy of my book "How to Become a Successful Freelance Programmer" (sold on Amazon) in which you will learn the strategies to build a successful freelance career (I completed 142 projects with average rating 4.8 during 5 years - so you can too). Therefore, by taking this course and being gifted this book, you will be having much greater confident in your programming career.

Feel free to explore the full course content and watch the free previews.

Enroll this course today! I'm looking forward to see you inside.

Who this course is for:
  • Beginners in Java programming
  • Beginners in Java Servlet, JSP and Hibernate framework
  • Students who want to learn hands-on Java programming skill to build e-commerce websites
  • Those who want to go from beginner to intermediate level in Java programming

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