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Ethical Hacking: Ultimate Kit for Certification and Beyond

Ethical Hacking: Ultimate Kit for Certification and Beyond

Ethical Hacking: Ultimate Kit for Certification and Beyond - 
All the resources required for success in the career of Ethical Hacking
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What you'll learn
  • Students will learn the background and present day landscape of cyber security technologies and practices
  • Attendees in this program will also experience detailed hands-on lab exercises reinforcing major concepts learned, including today’s most common exploits
  • Students will also enjoy learning about the very latest information technology trends that are having a huge impact on the cyber security landscape
  • Learners also Leave the course with a detailed understanding of important underlying technologies of security today such as encryption and hashing

  • Students should have basic familiarity with computer technology, basic networking, and an awareness of cloud technology. Our most successful students are those that possess a plus and net worth plus levels of knowledge entering his course. Please keep in mind that your instructors are here to help should you fail to meet any of the prerequisites that are recommended. Do not let that stop you from experiencing this course.
This is the Ethical Hacking course you have been looking for. This kit is jam-packed with the lectures, quizzes, practice exams, flashcards, and Hands-On Lab assignments you need to succeed in your pursuit of knowledge in Ethical Hacking!

For those interested in getting certified, this course helps prepare you for various ethical hacking, pen-testing, and other cyber security disciplines.

This course includes the following:

Full coverage of all relevant ethical hacking objectives as defined by the top industry certifications

Practice quizzes to ensure retention of key facts from each of the 30+ modules in the course

Two full 125-question Ethical Hacking practice exams

Hundreds of valuable electronic flashcards to help you memorize key facts

Hands-On Lab exercises


Downloadable resources

Q and A forum

Discussion forum

Additional study resources

This course also features Ethical Hacking in the Headlines videos that will help bring this important content to life in the context of today's complex environment.

Hands-On Lab assignments include:

Using Wireshark

Building a VPC in AWS

Running Kali on Windows

Running Kali in AWS

Building a switched network

Reconning MAC addresses

Configuring SPAN

Configuring Port Security

Configuring DHCP Snooping

Scanning a Host System

Implementing Firewalls

Performing encryption

Hardening systems

Securing routing protocols

Configuring IP spoofing protections

and many more...

Do not delay your cyber security career any longer. Enroll in the Ultimate Kit for Certification and Beyond! Every great journey starts with a first step - this course is it! 

Learn the skills and knowledge required to thrive in a security-focused IT career today! Get certified - or choose not to - but get the knowledge that builds a lifetime of success with this course.

Who this course is for:
  • This course is designed for those individuals that are interested in delving deeper into cyber security. Many often times our students are existing security professionals or they are “freshers “that are just getting started in there exciting cyber security careers. This course has been well received by those pursuing certification and those that are just interested in improving their IT skills.
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