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Selenium WebDriver 4 - New Features in Detail! - [NEW: 2022]

Selenium WebDriver 4 - New Features in Detail! - [NEW: 2022]

Selenium WebDriver 4 - New Features in Detail! - [NEW: 2022] - 
Learn all there is to know about Selenium WebDriver 4 in easy to follow steps. 100+ downloadable code examples!

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What you'll learn
  • All the new key features that are being delivered in Selenium Webdriver 4
  • Understand each feature with clear and easy to follow examples
  • Become confident with Selenium Webdriver 4 and learn how to adopt the design changes
  • Build on your automation testing skillset and to stay up to date with the very latest advancements

What does this course cover?

This courses teaches you everything you need to know about the long anticipated Selenium WebDriver 4 release - which has been years in the making. Learn about all the new features in detail & more.

What topics are included?

Easy to follow project setup and installation

Learn & understand design principles (DriverFactory, Hooks, Properties File...)

Understanding the key features of Selenium Webdriver 4 (including docs)

Browser options


Handling windows

Relative locators


Screenshots - (Including Full Page Screenshots)

Chrome developer tools - (Chrome Devtools; Emulate GEO Locations, Capture Network Requests etc)

Selenium grid 4

Docker & Video Recording Capabilities

Selenium IDE & Parallel Test Execution

And more

Why this course?

I have been developing course on Udemy for years and have amassed a following of thousands of students. I know what works in terms of effective teaching and I have used the very best approaches so that you walk away from this course feeling confident on the subject. Careful course design and preparation is key in providing the very best learning experience. The course has also been recorded with professional-quality recording material - to give you the very best learning experience.

Why learn from me?

I am an experienced lead automation test engineer. Automation testing is my day job (feel free to check my LinkedIn), and I have been responsible for implementing and overseeing automation testing for various companies. Having taught various teams and people, I know what works in terms of students getting the most from my mentoring.

Who this course is for:
  • Automation testers
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