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Introduction to statistics

Introduction to statistics

Introduction to statistics

Descriptive and inferential statistics, hypothesis testing, correlation, estimation, statistics used for research

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What you'll learn

  • Basics of statistics, what is descriptive and inferential statistics
  • How to use Descriptive and inferential statistics, Measures of central tendency, measures of variability
  • Inferential statistics, T-test and ANOVA , Learn how to find association between variables through correlation
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Estimate and confidence intervals


  • Basic math and how to perform calculations, and use formulas
  • Willingness to learn


Hey, I am your instructor, who always were not so passionate about math and statistics so I know statistics can be boring sometimes, yeah ! But its ok this course is explained easiest way possible and to the point. This course will help you to learn how to use descriptive and inferential statistics and formulas to solve your questions and organize your data. This course will help you to use different tests for hypothesis testing . We are starting from very basics and leading on to different concepts. If there is any question, I am here to answer. The videos in this course are kept shorter to not make it boring or frustrating.

Let's start a perfect beginning!

Course includes:
Practice questions

Who can choose this course ?

Students of  Statistics
People who wants to learn basic and fundamentals of statistics
A/O level students
People who want to start learning statistics

Topics covered:

Measures of central tendency
Measures of variability
-Standard deviation
T test
-One way
-Two way
Estimation and confidence interval

Why to choose this course ?

I will not say I have created an extra special course but I have put a lot of efforts in this course , so this will be easy for you all to understand. If you don't understand a concept, simply drop us a line and you will receive answer as soon as possible.

Lets start learning!

Who this course is for:

  • Statistics students
  • students of A levels
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