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The Complete PHP & MYSQL - Login System

The Complete PHP & MYSQL - Login System - Learn how to create a Membership website with an Admin Dashboard, with security, data validation and hashed passwords

The Complete PHP & MYSQL - Login System

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What you'll learn
  • Creating a Login a Register System
  • Connecting PHP with MYSQL Database using PDO
  • Creating Protected Pages
  • Learn how to Create an admin dashboard

In this course you are going to build a complete Login and Register system using PHP and MYSQL as a database.

We are going to build an Admin Dashboard where you can update the users details, and also be able to delete users. We will create also a blog section where Admins or moderators can post blog posts, but guests can only see them!

And finally don't worry I will cover every single detail so you guys can easily follow along, even if you have little experience, I will add the full code in the end of the course!

By taking this course you will learn:

Learning outcome:

Create a Complete Login and Registration System

Adding Security by Sanitising and Validating Data against malicious scripts

Connecting to MYSQL database with PDO

Learning how to Hash user passwords

Login and Logout with Sessions

and much more...

Who this course is for:
  • Beginner PHP developers curious on how to create a login system

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