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Project with laravel: pizza ordering web application


Project with laravel: pizza ordering web application, 
Laravel beginners friendly project

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What you'll learn
  • Students will learn to make web based application with Laravel
  • Students will learn how to deploy this project
  • Students will learn to design the pages
  • Students will develop a complete application which teaches must of the core concepts of laravel

Laravel is the best platform for big projects. According to a recent study, Laravel is one of the popular PHP frameworks for web applications. It is the most popular among developers due to its rapid development capabilities. Laravel is an open-source PHP framework development and is freely available to all. For creating complex and large web applications, it is best suited.

In this course, I will teach you to how to make a pizza ordering system with laravel. You will learn a lot of core concepts of laravel while building this project. we will have an admin to manage the entire application and also a user who can order the pizza.

In section 1 we will learn how to install laravel, deploy it and make a design page for our project, make a migration, create a user etc. In section 2 we will learn how to perform create,read ,update, delate pizza. You will also learn how to design the different pages like create page,listing page and so on. The final section is the interesting one. The final section will be listing all types of pizzas in the frontend, filtering pizza, making an order of the pizza, listing the user order history and many more

Who this course is for:
Beginner Laravel developers who wants to enhance his/her skills by making web project

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