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Create contact forms with PHP, HTML and CSS

Create contact forms with PHP, HTML and CSS - Learn how to build multiple fully functional contact forms and start getting users feedback.

Create contact forms with PHP, HTML and CSS

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What you'll learn
  • Understand how to build and embed into their website a custom made contact form.
  • To see how easy is to create contact from scratch.
  • Gain skills to apply contact form to their website.
  • Ensure the form is securely sending data

  • You should have access to your website files, and being able to edit them.
  • basic HTML skills
  • vscode, docker or xampp installed
During this course you will learn how to build and add to your website multiple fully functional contact forms, using PHP, CSS and HTML. The forms are suitable for getting users feedback, enhancing the user experience with success and error messages.

What students say:

Bill Burns
This course does assume some prior knowledge of PHP type programming, with the limited knowledge I have thus far, I find I can follow quite easily as well as learn new techniques. Instructor appears to be very knowledgeable about subject.

Dennis Ferraro
Although I could clearly see my lack of skill in php and css I was able to understand enough to execute the new information, given the platforms. The course delivered what it said it would.

Timothy Dykes
The course was to-the-point without a bunch of rambling on about irrelevant and unrelated things. It was easy to follow along with the creation of the form from start to finish in all of the languages necessary (except the styles, maybe). The finished form is also available as a .zip so that you can explore the source code yourself if there is something you had trouble following in the video.

Following the lectures will let you practice step by step the development process. During the course you will understand how to set your page, create an HTML form, stylize it with CSS and later process it with PHP. In the course you will find practical lecture on adding additional protection against Spam bot submission attacks. You will also gain solid understanding on the whole development process.

At first, we will overview on what you will be creating during the course, then will structure the initial files and start building the form. Next we add our PHP code to process the information received from the contact form and validate the submitted data with the help of PHP. We will conclude by adding various protection methods against unwanted Spam bots.

Update 2021: Completely updated and rewritten course content!

Please enjoy the course !

Who this course is for:
  • Students who want to place contact form into their website with the help of PHP language.
  • Students who want to learn how to create contact forms.

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