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Java Fundamentals - a solid foundation for new programmers


Java Fundamentals - a solid foundation for new programmers
- A practical hands-on approach to learning the Java programming language

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What you'll learn

  •     Covers Learn all major aspects of java syntax to a professional standard
  •     Understand and be confident in object oriented programming (polymorphism, inheritance, interfaces)
  •     Learn things good programmers should know (not just how to code)
  •     Get familiar with either the Eclipse or IntelliJ Idea IDEs (or both!)
  •     Basics of functional style programming (lambda expressions)
  •     Get an introduction to unit testing with JUnit
  •     Know how to connect to a relational database with JDBC
  •     Understand how to manage and to read and write with files
  •     Get dependencies and build applications with Maven


The course has been completely re-written and launched to coincide with the release of Java 17. It covers JavaSE versions 8, 11 and 17 (and we also cover why there are so many versions of Java, and which you should be using!). When there are differences between Java versions, we explain what the differences are, so that course can cover the best way to write Java code whatever version of Java you are using.

This course will help you learn the core elements of programming in Java, with a very practical, hands-on approach. We cover everything from the basics of programming, through to advanced features such as Object Orientation, Lambda expressions, collections and streams, using databases, working with files, testing and more.

It is a great entry point for the new full-stack developer who intends to go on to work with popular Java frameworks such as Spring, Jakarta and Apache Spark, Akka, or even building Android Apps.

To be a confident, competent Java programmer, you need a good foundation and this course will give you that – it covers every topic in a thorough way, but at a level that makes it easy to follow and accessible.

The syllabus has been specially designed to cover what good developers need to know, and helps you build up your knowledge through lots of practical exercises. You’ll work on a case study that will by the end of the course be a fully functioning application.

The course is based on a 5 day live training programme which is taught to newly hired developers in various companies, although it includes even more topics. It is suitable for anyone who has no programming experience, has programmed in other languages and wants to transition to Java, or has limited basic programming experience (maybe self-taught) in Java and wants to get a more solid and professional foundation.

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