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Mastering critical SKILLS in Data Structures using C++

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Mastering critical SKILLS in Data Structures using C++ - 
Understand DS inner details & design decisions effects + Solve ~180 problems to enhance your problem-solving skills
  • Highest Rated
  • Created by Dr. Mostafa Saad Ibrahim
  • English

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What you'll learn

  • Learn from basic to advanced datastructures
  • ~180 explained problems from Easy to Medium to Hard + quizzes
  • Well-written and modular short codes
  • Short but very informative and deep material
  • A fundamental step toward improving problem solving skills
  • A fundamental step toward interviews preparation
  • Algorithms course should be an easier learning experience


Almost all other courses focus on knowledge. In this course, we focus on gaining real skills.

The course covers basic to advanced data structures
Learn the inner details of the data structures and their time & memory complexity analysis
Learn how to code line-by-line
The course covers some programming competitions data structures
Source Code and Slides and provided for all content
An extensive amount of practice to master the taught courses (where most other content fails!)
~180 problems from easy to hard!

Asymptotic Complexity
Singly Linked List
Doubly Linked List
Binary Tree
Binary Search Tree
Binary Heap
AVL Tree
Letter Tree (Trie)
Hash Table
Extensive Homeworks with solutions + Many high-quality quizzes

Teaching Style:
Instead of long theory then coding style, we follow a unique style
I parallelize the concepts with the codes as much as possible
Go Concrete as possible
Use Clear Visualization

By the end of the journey
Solid understanding of Data Structures topics in C++
Mastering different skills
Analytical and Problem-Solving skills
Clean coding for data structures
Black-box applying on DS
With the administered problem-solving skills
You can start competitive programming smoothly [DS type]
Smooth start in Algorithms course
One more step toward interviews preparation

Programming Skills:
Up to arrays & functions
Comfortable with recursive functions
Comfortable with pointers
Basics of OOP: Just Class, Private and Public Sections.
Learning and using STL
Project Building Skills
Basic Programming Problem-Solving Skills

About the Instructor (relevant experience): I was ICPC Finalists in 2010 where algorithms and data structures are the key to success. Learning the exact inner details of these algorithms and how to build real experience compare to others is an important key. For more about me, visit my website.

Don't miss such a unique learning experience!
Who this course is for:

Mastering inner details of several important data structures
Not just learn, but strongly apply & alter data structures
whoever want to master more of computer science fundamentals

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