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Complete Python Course : from Beginner to Intermediate

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Complete Python Course : from Beginner to Intermediate - 
Go from beginner to advance in Python in weeks! Learn Python the easy way by building real-life Python programs!
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What you'll learn

  • Learn python from begging to adavance
  • You'll go from being a complete novice to a competent Python coder in no time.
  • Make ten real-world Python applications (no toy programs) Throughout the course, you may improve your abilities by participating in extra practice exercises.
  • Create a completely Python-based personal website.
  • Data analysis and Data visualization
  • Learn basic machine learning
  • Learn about OOP (Object-Oriented Programming)
  • Understand graphical user interfaces (GUIs) (Graphical-User Interfaces)


Looking to mater Python for your job or as a career enhancement?
Python is the most widely used programming language on the planet. In the United States, the average pay for a Python developer is $116k. That's almost $30k more than the competition!

Python is utilized by large corporations like as Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Reddit, Spotify, Quora, and others.

Its clear and beautiful syntax appeals to mathematicians, scientists, engineers, and developers.

It's the most popular language for AI and machine learning, and it's also the best language for novices to learn. Much less difficult than C++ or JavaScript!

This course covers all Python has to offer, from the fundamentals to more advanced subjects.

A great blend of theory and practice, jam-packed with real-world examples, exercises, and step-by-step answers - devoid of "fluff" and long explanation!

Learn how to use Python to automation, web development, and machine learning.

You will learn the following:

Introduction to Python course:

Intermediate Python- Functions, Modules, Classes and Exceptions

Introduction Data Analysis in Python

Applied Data Analysis in Python - Machine learning and Data science

Introduction to Deep Learning - Tensorflow for image analysis

We had a team people editing and marketing the course, the editing was done by Mohammad Chowdhury and the marketing was done by Mohammad Chowdhury.
The course was created by professors with years of Python experience. The course content was created by Matt Williams, he is a professor with years of Python and Data Science experience, under the CC Attribution license.

Editing: Mohammad Chowdhury
Music: from Bensound
Thumbnail: by Nicole Wolf on Unsplash
content creator: Matt Williams from University of Bristol
Created under CC attribution license

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in learning Python

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