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[2021] React Native Made Easy

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[2021] React Native Made Easy - 
Master React Native Fundamentals Using The Latest Javascript Features.
  • Created by Omar Maksousa
  • English [Auto]

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What you'll learn

  • Building Native Mobile Applications
  • React Native
  • React Native Best Practices
  • Javascript Development
  • Publishing Application with Expo


Basic JavaScript knowledge such as how to declare a variable and how to declare a function

React Native Framework is a framework for building Mobile Native Applications for IOS & Android. In this course we will learn React Native using Expo Platform. The thing that makes this course special is the way of teaching. First of all, during lessons there will be no assumptions that the student knows any prior knowledge of the topic, teaching with such assumptions can harm the learning process.
The second and most important thing is focusing on fundamentals. This is not a zero to hero course, because we do not believe on this saying. This is the course where you will build a strong base that is going to benefit you in all your later stages of your career.

We will learn Navigation, State Handling, Props, Hooks and lot more.

Installation & Setup where we will setup our environment.

Getting Started where we will run our Hello World Application and learn the basics in React Native.
Project One where we will practice the basics we have just learned.

React Native Deep Dive where we will start with more advanced stuff.

Project Two where we will practice logical statements and simple state.

Project Three where we will practice state manipulation and mobile application design.

Javascript Essentials needed features from Javascript that are necessary within your React Native learning.

Hooks we will get to know the most used hooks in modern mobile application development.

Native Device Features Interacting with the most used native features.

Project Four where we will practice handling external network requests

Third Party Libraries integration where we will be learning how to interact with third party providers

Navigation where we will learn how to handle the navigation in React Native

Final Project where we will put all the things we learned in action.
Who this course is for:

  • Developers aiming to enter mobile applications field

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