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Write PHP Like a Pro: Build a PHP MVC Framework From Scratch


Write PHP Like a Pro: Build a PHP MVC Framework From Scratch - 
Learn to write faster, easier to maintain, more secure PHP websites by using a model-view-controller framework
  • Bestseller
  • Created by Dave Hollingworth
  • English, Indonesian [Auto]

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Learn the basic concepts of using a model-view-controller framework that will make your PHP projects faster, easier to write and maintain, and more secure.
Learn to Structure your PHP Code Like a Professional by Building a PHP MVC Framework from Scratch.
Model-view-controller (MVC) pattern concepts
Build an MVC framework in PHP from scratch
Separate application code from presentation code
Use namespaces and an autoloader to load classes automatically
Take your PHP Projects to the Next Level
Learning how to use an MVC framework puts a very powerful tool at your fingertips. Most commercial websites and web applications written in PHP use some sort of framework, and the MVC pattern is the most popular type of framework in use.
The gap between knowing PHP and using a framework can be huge. This course bridges that gap. By writing your own framework from scratch, you'll gain an understanding of just how each component works. Frameworks like Laravel, Symfony and CodeIgniter all use the MVC pattern, so understanding how an MVC framework is put together will give you a strong background to more easily learn frameworks such as these.
Content and Overview
I designed this course to be easily understood by programmers who know PHP but don't know how to use a framework. Are you putting database code and HTML in the same PHP script? Want to know why this is a bad idea? Want to know how to do it better?
Starting with the basic concepts of MVC frameworks, this course will take you through all the steps needed to build a complete MVC framework, a piece at a time.
Beginning with a single PHP script, each lecture explains what you're going to add to the code and why, building up the framework step by step. At the end of this course, you'll have built a complete MVC framework in PHP, ready to use in your own projects.
Complete with working source code at every stage, you'll be able to work alongside the instructor and will receive a verifiable certificate of completion upon finishing the course.
Who this course is for:

  • This PHP MVC course is meant for those who already know PHP but want to know how they can improve their code by using a framework. This course is not for you if you don't already know PHP.
  • The gap between learning PHP and using a framework can be large - if you've just learnt PHP and you're wondering what the next step might be, this course is for you.

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