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Practice Test AWS Solutions Architect Associate SAA C02


Practice Test AWS Solutions Architect Associate SAA C02 - 
In 1 hour, you will gain substantial insight to pass the certification exam.
  • Created by Chandra Lingam
  • English [Auto]

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What you'll learn

  • Realistic experience on type of questions that you would face in the certification exam
  • Gain Insight into AWS Services From Certification Perspective
  • Evaluate Different Architectural Choices


*** UPDATE FEB-2021 - Brand new videos and quizzes on Messaging Services - SQS, SNS, EventBridge, Kinesis ***
*** UPDATE DEC-2020 - Brand new VPC videos with coverage on latest concepts and techniques ***
*** UPDATE SEP-2020 - Resource Sharing using Resource Access Manager and Transit Gateway ***
*** UPDATE MAY-2020 - Global Accelerator, and important security and management tools: WAF, Shield, IMDS V2, Secrets Manager, Systems Manager, AWS Config, Inspector, Trusted Advisor and how all these tools work together ***
*** UPDATE MAR-2020 - Completely revised CloudFront, and S3 Sections ***
*** UPDATE FEB-2020 - Lots of newly updated material and quizzes on Elastic Load Balancing, Auto Scaling, Data Lake, Monitoring, Storage, Databases ***
Hi, and welcome to the AWS Solutions Architect-Associate Practice Test course!
I am Chandra Lingam, and I am your instructor
In the next few hours, you will learn precise and relevant knowledge to pass the exam.
We will start by looking at what AWS expects from you
i.e., what does a solution architect do as part of their job
Remember, certification is just a stepping stone – you need to build skills to succeed in this role.
The actual exam contains only 65 questions – so they can test you only so much.
The biggest benefit as you prepare for this exam is you don’t know which 65 questions they are going to ask
So you need to prepare yourself for 200-300 different scenarios, and this preparation is what will make you a well-rounded Solutions Architect
This preparation is the objective of this course.
Depending on your experience level, you can approach it in two ways – Concept first or test first
Test First
If you are already familiar with AWS, you can start with the test-first approach and continue in sequence.
The quizzes are a great way to identify specific areas of strength and improvement
The questions are organized by service, and it will test your ability to recall specific information
and apply them for a given scenario
You will get immediate feedback along with detailed explanation and relevant review videos
The quizzes are followed by two practice tests
These are timed tests and simulate the real exam.
Each test has 65 questions that you need to answer in 130 minutes
The result and detailed answers are available after you complete the test
Concept First
If you prefer to review the concept first, you can start with the networking section
Each section focuses on a core service, its purpose, and how you would use them
We then look at an integrated view of how you can use all these various services to build an order processing system
We will compare the architecture of a server-based and serverless solution.
And how to decouple components
Migration of data to the cloud is a complex exercise
We will walk through several real-life scenarios on how you can approach them
Course Q&A Forums
For support, the course has an active Q&A forum, and we generally answer questions within a few hours
With the knowledge you gain in this course, you will become a better Solutions Architect and easily clear the certification exam!
I am looking forward to meeting you!

Who this course is for:

  • Students Planning to Get Certified on AWS

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