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DevOps: CI/CD with Jenkins Nexus Ansible Docker Terraform


DevOps: CI/CD with Jenkins Nexus Ansible Docker Terraform - 
Learn about CI/CD -Pipeline as Code, Learn about IaC (Infrastructure as Code), Build your own virtual data centre in AWS
  • Created by Vinay Kumar Patil
  • English [Auto]

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What you'll learn

  • 100% Hands on. Real world example as you see in organisations
  • Learn step by step on how to create Pipeline as Code (Pac) using Jenkinsfile from scratch
  • Learn step by step on how to provision your own virtual data centre using Terraform(IaC) on AWS to host DevOps tool chain.
  • Learn step by step on how to create CI/CD pipeline using Git,GitHub,Jenkins,Nexus,Sonarqube,Ansible and Docker
  • Quiz to check your learning.


DevOps has evolved in the recent years. DevOps was initially used for IT delivery but now it has taken over the entire enterprise. Many companies have adopted to use continuous integration/delivery/deployment and enjoying great benefits DevOps has to offer. Cloud is one more big thing happening in the recent past. Cloud migration projects are a common sight across organisations these days. IaC (Infrastructure as Code) is an integral part when it comes to provisioning your infrastructure in Cloud.
I have designed this course in such a way that it blends both DevOps CI/CD and IaC to give you a perfect end to end holistic picture. I have explained each concept step by step using real world projects and examples.  When it comes to DevOps tool chain there are tons of tools. So, I have selected the most mature and widely in-practice(used) tools.
This course is delivered in 3 logical stages.
Stage 1 : We will provision our own virtual data centre in AWS using Infrastructure as Code with the help of Terraform. Terraform is the most popular tool when it comes to IaC.
Stage 2 : We will configure the DevOps tool chain. Git for VCS(Version Control), GitHub for SCM (Source Code Management), Maven as build tool, Jenkins as continuous integration tool, Nexus as repository manager, Sonarqube for static code analysis, Ansible for build and configuration management, Apache tomcat and Docker to host our web application.
Stage 3 : We will learn PaC (Pipeline as Code), How to write Jenkinsfile from scratch. We will then create pipeline job(CI/CD) using all the above mentioned DevOps tool chain step by step.
The course also has Quiz sections which are a great way to check your learning. In fact, these quiz sections are great way to learn as well.
There is always a great demand for the DevOps professionals so learning DevOps will greatly help you in your professional career.
Finally, about me, I am Vinay and I have 17+ years of working experience in IT industry across various domains. I am presently working as Principal Integration & DevOps consultant for a leading IT company. I am positive that this course will help you to understand IaC and CI/CD (end to end).
Thank you so much  happy learning.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wish to learn how to provision the virtual data centre using Infrastructure as code(IaC)
  • Anyone who wish to learn DevOps tool chain, CI/CD pipeline
  • Anyone who wish to enhance their knowledge
  • Anyone who's passion is to be a DevOps professional

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