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Machine Learning on Videos using Python


Machine Learning on Videos using Python - 
Computer Vision | Object Detection | Image Classification | Deep Learning | Machine Learning | YOLO | CNN | Python
  • Created by Vineeta Vashistha
  • English

What you'll learn

  • Understand Machine Learning On Videos and apply it to real-world problems
  • Learn to implement Object Detection Models on Videos in Python
  • Build your own Deep Learning model using Transfer Learning for Image Classification
  • Executable Code of Faster RCNN, YOLO, HOG and Haar Cascade for Object Detection
  • Learn to implement SORT Framework for Object Tracking
  • Executable Code of SORT for People Footfall Tracking and Automatic Parking Management


Machine Learning on Videos has the potential to make a profound impact in a data-driven business and is emerging as the new buzzword in the industry. This course provides an end-to-end coverage of Machine Learning on videos through Video analytics, Object Detection and Image Classification. It is a complete hands-on tutorial that teaches how to implement Video Analytics using the 3-step process of Capture, Process and Save Video, understand various Object Detection Models and implement them for a real-time case study of Social Distancing and last but not the least, take a deep dive into steps involved in using Deep Learning Models, Transfer Learning and learn how to create a model on face mask detection using Image Classification and leverage it to implement a solution of face mask detection.
Here are just few of the topics we will be learning:
Machine Learning
Deep Learning
Video Analytics
Object Detection
Object Detection Models
Image Classification
Object Tracking
Simple Online and Realtime Tracking (SORT) Framework
Deep Learning
Deep Learning Image Classifier
Convolution Neural Network (CNN)
Transfer Learning
Model Training on Google CoLab
Haar Cascade Classifier
HOG Model
YOLOV3 Tiny Model
Faster R-CNN Model
Video codec
Haar Cascade Social Distancing Solution with python code
Hog Solution Social Distancing Solution with python code
YOLO Social Distancing Solution with python code
Faster R-CNN Social Distancing Solution with python code
Face Mask Detection Solution with python code
People Footfall Tracking with python code
Automatic Parking Management with python code
Who this course is for:

Beginners to Data Science
Machine Learning Professionals
Developers willing to transition into Machine Learning
Anyone looking to implement Machine Learning on Videos
Anyone looking to become more employable as a Data Scientist

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