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Blockchain For Finance: Using Blockchain & Smart Contracts


Blockchain For Finance: Using Blockchain & Smart Contracts - 
Emerging Blockchain & Smart Contract Applications Are Impacting The Financial Industry Today! Get Smart on Blockchain.
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  • Created by Steve Ballinger,
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What you'll learn

  • How Blockchain And Smart Contracts Can Be Applied In The Financial Industry.
  • Leveraging Emerging Digital Technology With Traditional Financial Segments.
  • How To Recognize Opportunities In Your Own Profession.


The financial industry is being disrupted by the emerging use of Blockchain Technology and Smart Contracts. If you are in the finance industry or work with those in finance it is imperative that you have an understanding of what is happening now and in the near future to better position yourself in your career and recognize opportunities for career enhancement.
Through foundational learning, deep dive into technology application across many industry segments, and leveraging real world case studies that are happening now you will become an expert in this area and better position yourself for success either as an individual contributor or if you are in a leadership role.
Please note that the course is not a:
Cryptocurrency investing course: Although it can help you to better understand the underlying technology and real world use that can help any investor.
Coding course: Although if you code or work in tech and/or FinTech then this course can really help you with a better end use understanding and stimulate thoughts around future opportunities.
In the course you will learn all about:
Foundational Principles Of Blockchain Technology And Smart Contracts.
The Universal And Finance Industry Specific Benefits Of Blockchain Technology And Smart Contracts.
How Blockchain Technology And Smart Contracts Can Be Applied In A Variety Of Industry Segments
Asset Management​
Financial Product Distribution​
Financial Product Asset Lifecycle​
P2P Transfers​
Clearance & Settlement​
Know Your Customer (KYC) & Identity​
Data Security And Transparency​
Trade Finance​
Anti-Money Laundering & Counter-Terrorist Financing​
Regulatory Compliance​
VC & Entrepreneur Fundraising​
Credit & Loans​
The Unbanked​
NFT: Non-Fungible Tokens
Real World Case Studies That Are Happening Today From A Variety Of Financial Organizations Such As:
Santander: Cross-Border Payments​
Bloom: Credit Scoring and Identity​
SALT: Lending Backed By Crypto​
Mata Capital: Asset Management​
HMLR: Property Title​
Lemonade: Low-Cost Insurance​
Law Coin: Legal Claim Investing ​
We Trade: International Trade Consortium​
i2i: Unbanked In The Philippines​
At the end of the course you will become an expert in the strategy and tactics of applying emerging technology such as Blockchain and Smart Contracts.
Many thanks for your interest in the course and I look forward to seeing you in your first lesson!
-Steve B
Who this course is for:

Financial Industry Professionals Who Want To Learn More About This Important And Emerging Area.
Non Financial Industry Professional's Who Work With The Financial Industry As Part Of Their Profession.
Those Who Are Curious About The Real World Application Of Blockchain And Smart Contracts.
The Course Is Not About Investing In Cryptocurrency Or Blockchain Coding...More Strategic And End Use Application.

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