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Build/Create 2 Advance WordPress Ecommerce Websites 2021


Build/Create 2 Advance WordPress Ecommerce Websites 2021 - 
Create 2021 Advance Wordpress Websites From Scratch To Advance Level And Start Selling - No Technical Knowledge Required
  • New
  • Created by Dr. Mohsin Ali
  • English

What you'll learn

  • Two WordPress E-commerce Websites From Scratch
  • 1- First Website is Grocery Store For Beginners and we will be building it from scratch
  • 2- Second is advance Ecommerce Website with responsive screens on all platfroms
  • Will Purchase Host And Domain
  • Guide To work in local host as well
  • High Quality Images
  • Cool Carousel and Banners
  • Advance WordPress Theme
  • Step By Step Guide in simple words
  • Full Control Over All Woo commerce Pages
  • Advance Side Cart on 2nd Website
  • WhatsApp Feature
  • Order on WhatsApp
  • Print Invoices
  • Boost Ecommerce Search Engine
  • Advance Product Table
  • Sticky Header Menus
  • Advance Admin Themes
  • Edit Ordered Products From Customer
  • Shop on the behalf of customer
  • Talked about some Security aspects


Welcome To 2021 Advance Course of Building 2 Different WordPress Ecommerce Websites.
This course is designed for every one if you don't have prior knowledge of building websites then no problem this course is for you we are working from scratch just have a look on below details to understand of what features this course is offering.
This course is intended to build ecommerce websites both of them will take you to the extent where you feel very comfortable to build any WordPress website, let us talk about what we are going to build in this course.
Grocery Store:
First idea is to give you knowledge of different terms and widgets we should know while working with WordPress websites.
Buy Host And Domain: We will buy host and domain from hosting provider in this course. I am purchasing these from Hostinger(host) and Hosting24(domain), then we will point our domain from hosting24 to hostinger. Its up to you if you want to purchase any of other hosting provider than you can purchase from them I will also tell you how you can work with other hosting providers.
Working With Local Host On Your Computer: It might be possible that many of you would not want to purchase host and domain for the purpose of only learning from this course, then don't worry I have also included videos by following them you can setup WordPress website building environment on your computer .
Courses Resources: Course Resources if also given in second video of very First Section of this course and I have provided the video about how you can download and use all of given resources.
Starting With Free Theme: We will start with free theme which is wp-Ocean theme because in this stage we need some know how in order to start with WordPress we will also install some of plugins which is needed to power our theme.
Home Page : We will design Home page from scratch we will use Elementor page builder. we will design our home page by using drag and drop pattern. we will design hero section, Carousels, featured and sales products tabs, and we are also going add recipes posts to our home page
Header and Footer Menus: We will add Header and footer menus from admin panel and then we will customize it on default WordPress customization tab and all will be done in simple steps.
About Us and Contact Us Pages: We will design about and contact us pages from scratch and will add some extra Elementor Addons in order to work with them. You can see the demo of pages in introductory video.
WooCommerce Pages: We will working with woo commerce pages and you should not worry about how data is passing in between different pages all of this development side things are being managed by woocommerce. You just have to install this plugin as I mentioned in the videos and start placing you orders.
Types of Products: There are two main types of products that you should care about one is Simple product and second is Variable product. We will be adding both of them.
Coupons: We will add coupons to our website in order to give some discounts to our customers.

***************************************Moving Towards Advance Website:*******************************************
Reset WordPress: For second website we will reset our WordPress and will download our grocery website from hosting provider.
Installing Theme: We will install Advanced theme now. We will also install some of the advance plugins in order to support our theme.
Demo Importer: We will import our Demo Data from Demo Importer plugin.
How You Can build Different Website  Like pharmaceutical website, Grocery Website, Electronics Website, Clothing Website etc?:
I will tell you how you can build all of these websites by using this plugin the steps are simple and easy to understand.
Home Page Deals, Featured Items, Upsells Items, Sales Items, Posts, Recipes, Categories: We will also gonna cover all of this features in the home page with advance designed ideas. we will be editing or demo data and will see how we can customize all of these thing in order to fulfill our own customized needs.
Categories and Brands: I will be telling how you can add categories and brands to your store and link all of those categories to home page items with compromising products availability.
Shop Page Banners And Carousels: You will be teach about how you can add banners and Carousels to shop page in order to attract customers to your site.
************************************************Extra But Important Section:**********************************************
This section is very important for all of those who want customization in there WordPress website. I have added some important topics in this section by adding them you will increase your WordPress performance, security, reliability of your ecommerce store.
Increasing Speed of Search bar: We will add some of advanced plugins and we will increase the performance of our search bar at an incredible level.
Side Cart: We will add side cart which will display your cart products. You can add popular products carousels in side cart , coupon codes, MailChimp account, PayPal integrations, number of time the product has been bought, calculate shipping, Total, Subtotal, Tax every thing you want. We can also customize our whole side cart.
WhatsApp Feature: I have added WhatsApp feature also you can see video and you can show your availability to your customers. Which is connected to admin WhatsApp number.
Advance Admin Menu Design: We will also integrate advance admin theme to our WordPress admin panel in order to work in full customize and cool frontend design.
Shop on the behalf of customer: This feature is very important for whole sellers and others who can relate to it. We will add plugin through which we can shop as customer without logging in to customer account separately you can see videos in extra section in order to see it in action.
Forgot Admin Password: We will also going to go inside file manager placed inside our hosting provider and then in side phpMyAdmin and I will tell you how you can reset you forgot password by using key.
Editing Ordered Products: It might possible you will need to edit orders for your customer in order to give them discounts. If you want this feature then you go to this video where I have edited function.php file inside file manager and I have added some lines of code. I have also provided this file in GitHub link.
Adding Invoices: This feature is not included by default in WordPress. We will be installing advance plugin and then print option will be displayed both in admin and customer order panel.
Security: I have added one video where you can hide your admin login page from intruders. It is very important and it will save your website at some extent from outside intruders
Updates: I will updating this course in every week and I will be adding videos in Extras But Important Section

Who this course is for:

WordPress Developers
Whole Sellers
WordPress Users
PHP Developers
React Developers
Android Developers
Web Developers
Front End Developers
Backend Developers
Full Stack Developers
JavaScript Developers
Java Developers

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