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Probability and Statistics 1: The Complete Guide


Udemy Coupon - Probability and Statistics 1: The Complete Guide, Learn everything fast through concise yet contented lectures
  • Created by L Sang
  • English [Auto]
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What you'll learn

  • representation and characterisation of data
  • elementary probability theory
  • combinatorics
  • rules for computing probabilities
  • conditional probability and independence of events
  • discrete random variables and their probability distributions
  • expectation value of a discrete random variable
  • examples of discrete random variables
  • moment generating functions
  • continuous random variables and their probability distributions
  • expectation value of a continuous random variable
  • examples of continuous random variables
  • Chebyshev's theorem
  • bivariate probability distributions
  • expectations of functions of random variables
  • covariance
  • independent random variables
  • sums of independent random variables
  • hypothesis testing


I know, Probability and Statistics is difficult. But is there a way to make it easy? Of course. I for one managed that.
I know a lot of people struggle with it; a very small group of people are good at it. Back in university, I was in that bigger group, the group that struggled through Probability and Statistics lecture. I needed help; I couldn't understand a thing, but I finally found help and turned my exam result around. I guess since you're looking at this, you need help too.
This 6-hour COMPLETE GUIDE course contains everything you need to know to get started with Probability and Statistics. It's packed with videos that have been categorised into different topics, hence easy for you to learn.
I've included lots of definitions, theorems, quizzes, examples, concise notes for EVERY single section, exercises, and a walkthrough of all the exercise sheets. Most importantly, I've done a BONUS section for you! It includes some additional questions that will strengthen your skill even more.
With this basic Probability and Statistics course, you will have a good core understanding to pursue many more difficult Mathematics topic. In this course, everything has been broken down into a simple structure to make learning and understanding easy for you.
This COMPLETE guide is for those of you are looking to get a full understanding of the basics; the important parts. You've already shown half of your determination by looking at the course, so if this course sounds right for you, boost your eagerness to learn and join me on this journey!

1) It will be very useful if you also take notes of your own as you're watching the lectures, it will help you understand everything better and quicker. Just pause if I move on to other topics too fast or if you haven't fully understood the previous sub-topic before you move on to the next parts.
2) Please ask any questions you may have in the Q&A section if you don't understand. It's one thing to not understand it, but it's a whole new experience and a very important thing to do when learning Maths to be able to discuss it with fellow students who are going through the same thing.
3) Use headphones for better sound. (I suggest you turn the volume up)
4) Don't forget you can always slow down or speed up the video!
Who this course is for:

high school students
university students
courses that require probability and statistics (e.g. computer science, and other sciences)

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