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Python Bootcamp 2021 | Master Python From Zero To Hero


Udemy Coupon - Python Bootcamp 2021 | Master Python From Zero To Hero, Learn python from scratch and learn how to implement the basics in code.
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  • Created by Sundar Balamurugan
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In this course you will have a deep understanding of python and other topics related to it.   You will learn everything from scratch and implement it practically in the course. Here's a list of topics you will be learning.
Initial Setup
Executing a python program
Simple python programming  concepts
Data types
Collection Datatypes
Conditional Statement
looping Statement
Built In module
Advanced Python modules
Built in functions
Classes And Objects
Object Oriented Programming
File operations
Advanced Python operations
Graphical User Interface
Web scrapping

                                After learning all the above topics in python we will learn how to implement them in projects. We will use in the following projects
Alarm Clock / Reminder
Secured Password Protection
Who this course is for:

Python beginners
interested in learning python
Interested In learning programming
Willing To Learn Python
IT professionals looking for certifications

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