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Data Science : Complete Alteryx Bootcamp (Hands-on Alteryx)


Udemy Coupon - Data Science : Complete Alteryx Bootcamp (Hands-on Alteryx), 
Become Professional in Data Analysis & Process automation using Alteryx Drag Drop tool (No Coding) for Data Science
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  • Created by Ankit Mistry
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Since we, human being got the cognitive ability, we keep making tool which automate a different task.
In 18th century, industrial revolution has completely changed the faces of industry and shows us the real power of automation.

Now in the 21st century time for Digital revolution and Automation in a digital world.
In a daily routine, many big IT companies like Google Facebook Microsoft Apple keep automating there software job for data analysis, reporting purpose, image processing text mining.
So if you want to do Data science and Machine learning and if you don't know about the coding. There is a great tool available in the market (Alteryx) with which by just drag and drop you can build complete data science or machine learning project workflow.

If you want to learn about complete a-z features of Alteryx studio, you are at the right place.
Welcome to the complete Bootcamp course on Alteryx.
What is Alteryx?
Alteryx is process automation and data science workflow design tool without need to worry about any coding part. No coding is required. Just drag and drop and get your job done. Rather than focusing upon software engineering part of data science, concentrate on how to analyze data, trying to find some intelligent information from your data, and build some predictive analytics tool.
What this course contains :
This contains 80+ HD quality video having a 6 hours of video content plus exercise to test your understanding.
In first will begin with complete installation step of Alteryx
We will see how to import data from varieties of different sources and put it into Alteryx environment
Number of data preparation and analysis tools like data cleaning joining munching,  summarization, organization, sampling, selection, sorting and many more tools.
Text mining tool palette to deal with textual data for sentiment analysis text preprocessing topic modelling
Data Parsing from XML, with Regular Expression.
Different reporting tool to generate complete report for the end user
In database tool to interact with the database with Alteryx design studio
Apply machine learning algorithm light linear regression logistic regression support vector machine random forest decision tree with assisted an expert mode on a different data set
I will teach you all majority of highly used tools available in a Alteryx
At the end of the course there will be an exercise to check your understanding about the Alteryx.
This course Has following stuff :
Certificate of completion after finish 100%
Q& A discussion forum (I will be with you)
So What are you waiting for, enroll Now & Lift your resume.
Happy Learning
Ankit Mistry

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