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Cracking Coding Interview : Data Structure & Algorithm 2020


Udemy Coupon - Cracking Coding Interview : Data Structure & Algorithm 2020, Ace your next C++/Java coding interview by mastering data structures and algorithm. Solve important Leetcode problems
  • Created by Ankit Thakran, Harsh Kajla
  • English [Auto]


As you prepare for your next coding interview, have you ever thought:
"I wish someone could just walk me through these problems and explain what’s going on."
"I wish there was a preselected set of the most important coding interview problems so I can practice them easily."
If so, this course is for you!

In this course:
First, I’m going to give you a few problem solving techniques you’ll be able to use right away in your next coding interview.
Then, I’m going to walk you through the essential coding interview questions and their answers.
I’ve picked these particular questions because they are the types of questions that are asked most often in programming interviews.
I’m going to cover problems that use concepts such as arrays, strings, two-dimensional arrays, linked lists and trees.
If you want to use any other language to follow this course, that’s fine too! Just remember to run your solution on your computer to make sure it works.

If you think you’re ready for this course, watch the preview videos and see if you can solve those problems!
Who this course is for:

Any one who is preparing for a coding interview

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