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Python Programming Bootcamp

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Python Programming Bootcamp - 
A Complete Python Course Focused on Problem Solving that will Expand into All Python Can Do
  • Created by Derek Banas
  • English [Auto]
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What You'll Learn
Learn the Core Python 3 Language at a Deep Level
Learn how to Solve Real Programming Problems with a Focus on Teaching Problem Solving Skills
Understand Python as an Object Oriented and Functional Programming Language
Create GUI Applications using TkInter, Kivy and soon PyQt
Create Applications that Utilize Databases
We will Expand into Algorithms, Django, Flask and Machine Learning
A Living Breathing Course that will Grow with You
Instructor has 26 Years of Professional Experience and a Decade of Experience Making Educational Videos
Course Focused on Teaching How to Solve Problems
Do you want to develop the skills required to solve real world programming problems? This course will turn you into a real Python programmer that has a complete understanding of everything Python can do!
Most tutorials are just video versions of cheat sheets. This course is different. It teaches you how to solve problems like you will have to do in the real world. It does that by making you solve ever increasingly complex problems.
Don’t worry. I will be there to help along the way. I work through the solutions and also provide heavily commented code and quizzes that will turn you into a Python Master!
This course provides numerous problems followed their solutions while teaching the core language through database, GUI and soon web development.
Start Slow and Aim to Learn Everything
We start by installing Python on Windows and MacOS. The core language will then be taught. Between each main lesson I’ll break down the solutions through diagrams.
This is a living breathing tutorial! I’ll be adding more on Algorithms, Data Structures, PyQt, Django, Flask, Data Analysis, Scikit-learn, TensorFlow and More!
You will get lifetime access to this growing course along with all the heavily commented code, quizzes!
This course comes with a 30 day money back guarantee! If you are not completely satisfied you get your money back.
You’re ready to become a Python Master and this course will get you there! Learn to solve real problems and advance your career to the next level. I’ll be there to help for each step.

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