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Master Laravel PHP with basic to advanced project:Job portal

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Master Laravel PHP with basic to advanced project:Job portal

Master Laravel PHP with basic to advanced project:Job portal
Laravel recruitment app. Follow this course in Laravel 6,7 or 8 with laravel composer ui package for frontend
  • Created by Ranjeet Karki
  • English [Auto]
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What  is Laravel ?
Laravel is the best platform for big projects. According to a recent study, Laravel is one of the popular PHP frameworks for web applications. It is the most popular among developers due to its rapid development capabilities. Laravel is an open source PHP framework development and is freely available to all. For creating complex and large web applications, it is best suited.

In this course we are making a  job portal with Laravel 5.8( Popular PHP framework).  If you are thinking to work as a PHP developer ,Laravel has become the crucial need for company so you need to know it .Imagine about  satisfaction that  will get when we learnt much and make a complete application that really matters.  In your life you have might visited  various job portal websites and applied for the position. In this course we will together make a similar kind of job portal that you used to use frequently to hunt a job in your life.  Before making this application , i tired to make comfortable for Laravel beginners as well. Therefore, i made some videos such as about fundamentals of Laravel and Relationship in Laravel . By knowing these, it would be much easier for even a laravel begineers to follow this course . Moreover, i have  included  a  crud application vidoes for beginners for better understanding of laravel . The second project will teach students how Restful API are build . In this project i have also used vue js for better user experience. If you don't know vue js ,it won't be a problem because we complete the project first with only Laravel and then we update some functionality already we made in laravel with vue js.

What is in the course?
We are going from the basic level and we make four projects which include beginner level, intermediate level and advanced project

Upgraded to Laravel 6 from Laravel 5.8 :  Section 26
Section 1: The basic
in this section you will learn all the basic stuffs about the Laravel. This section is targeted for those students who have a zero knowledge in Laravel.
You will learn
Environment setup to install Laravel
installation laravel
database setup
how to get input from form
how to pass data to view
and many more...
Outcome: You will Learn about fundamentals of Laravel

Section 2: The Relationships
In today’s era of fast paced development, writing direct SQL queries can be pretty time consuming and tedious for a developer. So here comes relationship concept
You will learn
one to one relationship
one to many
one to many(inverse)
many to many(Polymorphic Relationship )
Outcome: You will be comfortable using relationship in Laravel for inserting , fetching data from database and more...

Section3: Now you are more familiar with Laravel. so we will  make a basic CRUD to utilizing  all knowledge we learnt till now .
You will learn
To make to make model ,controller and table using migration for crud app
To insert data
To fetch data from database
To show data in other page
To delete data
To validate form
To paginate data
Outcome: You will learn to query data with Laravel and  be more confident by making your first app and  to be prepared for next Level

Section 4: Restful Api
We will do the same thing that we have done in crud app
outcome: You will learn basic about Restful Api

Section 5: Gallery App- Laravel 5.8
You will learn
Everything about file handling
Validation of file
Resizing image
Store multiple image for a single album name with jquery and without jquery
Sore image based on category/album
Deleting file from Storage directory when you delete from db
Confirmation with bootstrap before delete
You will make admin and allow only admin to access dashboard and rest users can only view the photos on website
Outcome: You will make a awesome photos  website that you can lunch as well as a personal website.

Section 6: Job Portal App-Laravel 5.8
You will lots of things ..
You will make your own job portal app. You can start your own jobportal company with this app.
In short:  There will be 3 kinds of users, one job seeker who apply for a jobs , another  is employer who post the jobs and admin manages the entire application.
some cool things are
. posting and listing of jobs
. different types of filters for jobs
.jobs categorised based on category
.email verification system while registering for both jobseeker and employer
. Three different types of users interact with the system ie: Job Seeker, Company(employer) and Admin
. Mail job links someone(eg:friend)
.Job recommendation system
.application sent  with vue js
. favourite  jobs with vue js
.learn to integrate HTML template in your project
.A blog system included, admin manages the blog
and more...

Please check the Job section part, you will see what you will learn and make there.
Outcome: You are now able to work on any kinds of Laravel project independently

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