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Functional & Reactive programming in Java : Modern Style

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Functional & Reactive programming in Java : Modern Style

Functional & Reactive programming in Java : Modern Style - 
Java Programming MasterClass, Design Patterns,Data Structures,Lambda,Streams,Collectors,Collections,Optionals & RxJava
  • Created by Basics Strong
  • English, French
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Some of our feedback received to help you make the decision.

No Words!! Explaination is very simple with nice examples . I recomment his course for every one who wants to learn Functional programming. I used to feel that functional programming is difficult. Functional programming is made very simple. I am very happy with this instructor. Especially, voice of instructor is very sweet
Is the most simple and clear explanation of lambda.
Excelente curso, todo muy bien explicado y con ejercicios. Gracias
Strict and concise with short brief examples

Course Details what we cover :
Best in Class Master Course to learn Advanced Java Concepts -
Functional Programming
Reactive Programming
Optional wrapper to null
Functional Data Structures
Functional Design Patterns
Streams and Parallel Streams
Stream and Parallel Streams Deep Dive
Collectors how they work internally
Functional Data Structures
Collections in Functional Way
Reactive Java
RxJava 3.x
This is a Very detailed Course on the subject of Functional Programming & Reactive with a lot of programming practice. We have covered all the prospective like Data Structures, Design Patterns, Collections in Functional Programming.
This is a must-have course for Developers or professionals who wants to understand the Concepts in Deep.

Hope you will find the content useful, we have designed the course in a way so that you can immediately use the learning in your next project.

All The Best and Happy Learning!

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