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Fullstack Laravel API development with Nuxt and Linux - 2020

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Fullstack Laravel API development with Nuxt and Linux - 2020

Fullstack Laravel API development with Nuxt and Linux - 2020, 
Become a Fullstack Laravel Engineer by developing a Dribbble Clone, Provisioning a server and Deploying with SSL
  • Created by Neba Funwi-gabga
  • English
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Take your PHP Laravel skills to the NEXT LEVEL with this hands-on, real-world project on developing a clone of Dribbble. The entire course is focused on the development of this single application, which gives you explanation of various concepts usually overlooked by most Laravel developers. Here's what you will learn:

Repository Pattern: Learn how to organize your code in repositories and contracts, which will make you ready to develop enterprise-grade applications with Laravel.

API Authentication management: Everything is API-driven. Learn how to authenticate users using JWT, as well as account confirmation and password recovery. These are foundations to any data-driven application.

Geo-search in MySQL: You see search based on user location in many applications - real-estate, food delivery etc. In this course you will learn how to implement location-based search in Laravel and MySQL.

Working with Policies and Authorzation: Learn how to authorize actions in your Laravel application using Policies.

Image Upload and Server-side resizing: You will learn how to upload images to your local server and to Amazon s3, as well as how to resize / crop images on the server before saving to either Amazon s3 or Local server.

Implement Teams: Learn how to implement teams in your application without using a third-party package. Build your own team management from scratch.

Chat Messaging - learn how to implement a basic but very effective chat messaging system

Configuring NuxtJS for client site

Using GoogleMap API for location autocomplete in Nuxt / Vue

Buying and provisioning a web server from scratch - without using any third party tool like Laravel Forge

Acquiring and setting up a domain name

Configuring both API and Nuxt Client using Nginx

Using a Nodejs process manager to run the client app

Acquiring and installing a free SSL Certificate on your server.

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