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GIMP 2.10 Made Easy for Beginners. Learn GIMP from a pro!

Udemy Coupon - GIMP 2.10 Made Easy for Beginners. Learn GIMP from a pro!, Learn GIMP from a pro photographer. Everything you need to know in 1 GIMP course for Linux, PC + MAC.

  • Bestseller
  • Created by Chris Parker
  • English [Auto], Polish [Auto]
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THE GIMP course for photographers and graphic designers.  Learn GIMP from a pro photographer.  Everything you need to know in 1 GIMP course for Linux, PC + MAC.
Why this GIMP course vs. others?
Well, I'll let the following numbers and students explain why you should choose this GIMP course...
* 24+ Hours of GIMP content with more coming soon...
**  Join 11,237 other students of this #1 selling GIMP class...
*** 1,521 reviews and counting.  Here are a few recent happy students...

*****  David Cangiolosi
"Another GREAT course from Chris Parker !!! I was new to the photo editing part of photography, downloading (The FREE) GIMP and taking this course by Chris Parker was the right decision for me as a hobbyist photographer who has no need to pay a monthly fee for Photoshop.
Chris covers probably every aspect in this course I could use or ever would use. He teaches by examples which you can follow along to so you get the most out of each example or section of the course. I found it very helpful and enjoyed his style of teaching."

*****  Pierfrancesco Staci
"Extremely detailed and thorough, I am so far extremely positively impressed by the amount of information I am receiving and how nicely I can retain it due to a very friendly delivery method."

*****  James Eyrich
"This is an amazing course he goes through all the tools and explains it all so I can understand what is going on would recommend this course for anyone beginner or advanced something for everyone in here."

*****  Faletolu Roberts
"The step by step process of setting up your work space and tools is so easy to follow. Knowing where exactly to look makes learning a new program less brain numbing and fun so far."

*****  Khetile Mhlongo

"I am extremely happy with the course. I am learning more than just the basics. I am really learning how to make this program my own. I have already purchased another course from this tutor and I am looking forward to that one too."

*****  Rachel Campbell
"I am still taking the course, but can already tell the impact. I come from a Photoshop background but wanted an option that wasn't costing a monthly fee. I am surprised at how much can be done in GIMP, but even more impressed with the instruction. I have never had anyone actually explain all the tools and options to this degree.
I feel way more knowledgeable and know I will continue to love the remaining lectures. **** not to mention I am already purchase another course planning on getting several other courses created by Chris**** So, worth every penny and more!"

*****  Jeremy Kinney
"I was able to go from nothing to a basic understanding and I've only done the first quarter of the course, its been very helpful so far and I'm excited to continue onward."

*****  Rex Graham
"To be honest I have never done online lessons like this before so I have no real reference.  That said, I have learned more in this lesson than I have in hours of YouTube videos.
Great work so far."

*****  Dave Colquitt
"Excellent. Chris knows what he is talking about, presents it well, and is VERY responsive to questions. I recommend the course - and any by Chris - highly."

*****  John Romero
"Instructor is very thorough, and concise. Though I'm already familiar with GIMP, I've picked up at least one new tip or feature I was previously unaware of in practically every lesson."

*****  David Kiger
"I have taken a few courses on Gimp and this is the most detailed step by step Gimp course I have seen so far. You don't rush through the lesson like some courses. You take your time and talk clearly while making everything clear. Thank you for the wonderful course."

***** There are hundreds more testimonials just like these... but, I think you get the idea... So, let's find out everything you'll learn from this GIMP course...

First, this GIMP course is divided into 2 sections;
the Basics...  A complete overview of all the tools in GIMP
the Advanced GIMP projects. Learn by doing.  Once you have the foundation from the first half of the course, you'll continue learning how to use GIMP by working on advanced GIMP projects.
This GIMP 2.10 for beginners is designed for, well, beginners!

***New tutorials are scheduled to be released on a regular basis - much more coming July of 2019!***
***Linux support just added as of May 2019!***

------> the GIMP Basics

UPDATE: Sections 1 - 7 have been re-recorded and have new photography resources... including new images and a GIMP Made Easy Essentials guide.  Use the guide to take notes as you're watching, print for off-line use for easy reference and quick access to your projects + more.
Section 1: Intro to the course + resources for download
Section 2: learn how to install GIMP for Linux, Windows and/or MAC
Section 3: quick start guide for editing your images, re-sizing and saving for social media
Section 4: quick look at the basics of GIMP.  Including, but not limited to; setting up & customizing your interface, creating new documents, file formats, navigate around your document (pan + zoom), saving & exporting your files and more.
Section 5: learn what layers are and how to use them, learn the 4 types of layers and 4 different ways to customize them, learn what Layer Masks are and how to use for precise editing of your photos, learn what layer boundaries are, adjust them and why they're important
Section 6: learn what adjustment layers are and whether or not you can use them in GIMP.  They're essential for your photography editing.
Additional sections are being re-recorded right now.  Announcements will go out when new sections are added.
Just published June of 2019... Section 7: the "Color of Light".  Learn how color affects your images and how to control for precise editing.

This GIMP course is in the process of being re-recorded.  Although you'll learn all of the following (and more), the order will be changing (see "update" above for recent changes") in the coming weeks...

First, you'll learn how to install GIMP, set up the interface, preferences and more.
Then, you'll begin setting up the GIMP interface for your personal preference and configuring the preferences -->  Yes, I know.  This stuff is boring.  But, it's essential for getting the most out of GIMP.
Every lesson is created in short bite-size pieces to help you better retain the information and each builds on the next.
1 of the most essential tools in GIMP are Layers.  You'll learn all about Layers and how to work with them.  Plus, you'll learn about another powerful type of layer;  the Layer Mask.
Hint: a Layer Mask, gives you the precision and control to apply edits exactly where you want them.
Oh, these are so fun and awesome.  Can't wait to share with you how to take advantage of Layers & Layer masks in GIMP.
Another fun, creative and powerful tool (within GIMP) are Blending Modes.  You'll learn about the 7 distinct types of Blending Mode groups and how to use them to add creative flair to your artwork.
Not one to skimp out and leave no stone un-turned; you'll also learn about the 4 main tools in GIMP...
Selection Tools
Paint Tools
Transform Tools
Color Tools
The Selection Tools, are an integral part of your skill-set.  You'll learn about the 7 different types of selection tools to make your job of "selecting" that much easier.  The selection tools are a big part of the advanced GIMP projects and you'll want to learn the basics first (included!).
You'll also learn all about the Paint Tools and how to use them to; add color, modify color, erase, clone, heal, and much more.
What about learning how to use the Transform tools to align graphics, move, rotate, scale, shear and more?  Got you covered there too!  Check out the basic overviews of each tool and then master them with the advanced GIMP projects.
Next up;  the Color Tools.  Learn how to use these Color Tools to process and edit your photos like a pro.  Learn from my 27+ years as a pro photographer.
Oh, and I almost forgot about one of my favorite tools in GIMP; the Paths Tool.  Love it!  This tool has a dual purpose and mastering it will go a long way in helping fulfill your creative vision.
Check out the advanced GIMP projects to master the Paths Tool (after the basic overview).  The advanced GIMP projects will give you a lot of practice with it and you will master the Path Tool in no time.
O.k., almost done.
Let's not forget about GIMP filters and Patterns.  You'll learn how to use both!  Learn how to download and install Patterns created by other artists.  Plus, you'll learn how to apply the GIMP filters to enhance your creative artwork.
------> the Advanced GIMP projects
This is where all the fun begins.  Not that we don't have fun in the first half!  You'll just take your creative learning to a whole new level.
How? By taking what you've learned in the Basics and amplifying it with advanced projects.
First up; Do you find it odd that GIMP does not have basic shape tools?
I do. No worries.
You'll learn how to create basic shapes in GIMP; rectangles and squares, free-form shapes, circles, and triangles too... oh my!
Did I mention that I'm a pro photographer?  Then, you'll want to learn how I use all the tools in GIMP to edit....
Learn my 3 step editing workflow I've used on hundreds of weddings and thousands of portrait sessions.  How I use each of the Color Tools, how I use Levels and Curves, how I retouch with Clone and Heal, how I dodge and burn, and much more.
Plus, I'll show you how to process RAW files for GIMP.  Watch me do a complete edit, from start to finish, on a Nikon RAW file, a Canon RAW file and a JPG file.
Then, we'll take your GIMP learning experience to a whole new level with the following projects...
How to add text along a path
How to add an image to text
How to create text out of grass
How to create a reflection of your text
How to make a SuperHero fly out of a monitor
How to add smoke to your image
How to add a source of light to your image
How to separate a subject from the background (and save for the web)
How to install the free Nik Collection (awesome plugin for creatively editing your photos)
and much more...
...You see, these are not the only projects.  I have a dozens more.  Which means, once you sign up for this course, new tutorials will be added on a regular basis.
What are you waiting for? Now is the best time to sign up for my complete GIMP course...  before I decide to increase the price.
Looking forward to sharing with you my photographic knowledge and how to use GIMP.
Chris Parker

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