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Tableau Crash Course: Build and Share a COVID-19 Dashboard

Udemy Coupon - Tableau Crash Course: Build and Share a COVID-19 Dashboard, In this crash course you're going to learn how to build a COVID-19 dashboard using real data and publish it online.

  • Created by Dee Naidoo
  • English [Auto]

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We are living in a data world right now. And, as a Data Engineer practicing in the real world, I know there’s a wealth of information out there that many people and companies don’t know what to do with!
This course will introduce you to Tableau, a data visualisation tool which enables you to create beautiful dashboards quickly with little use of code. What you'll learn:
Create a beautifully designed dashboard about the Coronavirus
Share your dashboard online for the world to see
Connect to real, live data through Google Sheets
Perform calculations on Tableau
Build graphs and learn how to format them
Bonus Section: Create a dashboard analyzing Trump's Tweets about COVID-19.
By the end of this course, you will know the fundamentals of Tableau and building modern dashboards. You can even add a link to the dashboards in your resume!

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