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Udemy Coupon - DataScience-Stats,MachineLearning,NLP-Python-R-BigData-Spark, Learn Data Science from basics of Stats,Machine Learning,NLP,DeepLearning using Python,R,BigData-Spark/Pyspark:AllLevels

Created by Srini E
English [Auto]

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This Course is designed for Beginners to start learning/Understanding Data Science from the basics of Mathematics , Statistics, Machine Learning , NLP (Text Mining) & Deep Learning using Python, R  Programming Language's and also Big Data technologies like Hadoop Spark/PySpark- MLib etc..
I will be teaching everything from scratch for any person to learn all Data Science related topics in detail from Scratch including Multiple Use cases with hands-on.
Also , Will be providing multiple use cases and Practical assignments for Python,R and Spark Programming to Learn  Machine Learning and Text Mining Etc..
I have added all the required Tolls and Technologies needed for a Data Scientist based on Current Industry needs and also for future needs in this Course , and made this one as ONE COURSE to learn everything to become Full Stack Data Scientist .
Who this course is for:
ANY ONE who want to learn Data Science (IT & Non-IT professionals)

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