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Spark Scala Coding Framework , Best Practices & Unit Testing

Udemy Coupon - Spark Scala Framework, Hive, IntelliJ, Maven, Winutil, Postgres,Logging, Exception Handling, log4j, ScalaTest JUnit Test

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This course will bridge the gap between your academic and real world knowledge and prepare you for an entry level Big Data Spark Scala developer role. You will learn the following

Spark Scala coding best practices

Logging - log4j, slf4

Exception Handling

Configuration using Typesafe config

Doing development work using IntelliJ, Maven

Using your local environment as a Hadoop Hive environment

Reading and writing to a Postgres database using Spark

Unit Testing Spark Scala using JUnit , ScalaTest, FlatSpec & Assertion

Building a data pipeline using Hadoop , Spark and Postgres

Bonus - Setting up Cloudera QuickStart VM on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Prerequisites :

Basic programming skills

Basic database knowledge

Big Data and Spark entry level knowledge

Who this course is for:
Students looking at moving from Big Data Spark academic background to a real world developer role

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