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Master DevOps Monitoring with Prometheus

Udemy Coupon - Master DevOps Monitoring with Prometheus, Complete Prometheus Monitoring guide. Master monitoring theory, instrumentation, metrics exporters, alerting and more

  • Created by Brendon Palmer
  •  English [Auto-generated]

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The Complete Guide to Mastering DevOps Monitoring with Prometheus.

Unfortunately, monitoring is often overlooked in the DevOps Lifecycle. Attaining thorough time-series data from your environment to source crucial system trend information and construct desirable analytics to further development is essential to each and every organization. You also need a solution that is built from the ground up to assess dynamic environments.

As the 2nd graduated project by the CNCF after Kubernetes, Prometheus is a simple open-source solution that your organization needs. Prometheus has been widely adopted by many large companies such as Uber, SoundCloud, Docker, and Digital Ocean for its unique ability to monitor dynamic and evolving environments.

This is THE course when it comes to learning monitoring with Prometheus on Udemy. Get started with a 10 hour hands-on project where you will gain the experience that you need to adopt Prometheus within your own environment. We will cover:

Theoretical monitoring principles

Installation methods

Alert and metrics dashboards

You will also learn:

App Instrumentation

Scraping metrics from numerous exporters

The Push Gateway

Service Discovery methods

Environment Labelling

Recording Rules

The unique PromQL

This course is constantly being revised with feedback from students like you. Engage the instructor with any concerns as you embark on your journey to becoming the next PromQL Guru!

Let's get started!

Who this course is for:
Anyone who wants to gain insight into system performances and trends.
DevOps Engineers who wish to stay ahead of the curb with a well-supported monitoring solution.

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