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Become Expert on Grafana Dashboard

Udemy Coupon - Become Expert on Grafana Dashboard, Easy Learning, Building Great Dashboard using Grafana 6.4 and 7.0

  • Created by Muhammad Efendi
  •  English

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If you're thinking to become Grafana Administrators, or you want to start to understand Grafana, then this course is perfect for you. You will see video after video, from beginners with explanations that are easy to understand. Also this course will provide many examples that make it easy for you to follow and understand. In section 12, you can download Grafana's dashboard template files, so it is easy for you to create a new dashboard using template files.

This course has 15 sections, 65 lectures, and 7 hours 11 minutes duration. Most videos are about how to do configuration and creating dashboard/panel by example. You will follow step by step how to use Grafana's panel to build a powerful dashboard.

In this course, you will learn how to:

Install Grafana on CentOS 7 and Ubuntu 16.04 OS

Integrate Grafana with Zabbix and MySQL data source, including how to understand Zabbix and MySQL data source structure

Build Grafana HA using MariaDB database

Configure Grafana security

Build dynamic dashboard with multiple panels and items

Understand Grafana reguler expressions to filter multiple items

Create annotations to highlight important data on the graph

Manage (install/remove) Grafana plugins

Manage (export/import) template

FreeIPA LDAP integration

Build VMWare ESXi Dashboard

Build VM Dashboard

Build VMWare VSAN Dashboard

Build HAProxy Dashboard


We will learn a lot of panels which will be used to create a dashboard,

Panel list :

Clock panel

Graph panel

Single Stat panel

Single Stat Math panel

Blend Stat panel

Table panel

Gauge panel

Bar Gauge panel

Pie Chart panel

Heatmap panel

Text panel

Single Stat panel

Trend Box panel

Diagram panel


In this course, you will get also Grafana dashboard template that we created such as,

ESXi Dashboard template

VMWare VM Dashboard template

VSAN Dashboard template and API script

Cisco Switch Dashboard template

MariaDB/MySQL Dashboard template

Server Linux Dashboard template

Events/Alerts List Dashboard template

HAProxy Dashboard template


After you finished this course, you will have confident to use Grafana, and create a great dashboard.

Please ping and message me if you need my help to follow this course.


Muhammad Yusuf Efendi
Zabbix Certified Professional
IT Cloud Expert

Who this course is for:
Linux Admin who want to build a modern dashboard using Grafana
Linux Admin who want to learn Grafana dashboard deeply
Data Analysts - Apps, Infra, Data Visualization
SRE Engineer - Infra monitoring
Time Series data analysts Engineer

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