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Statistics & Applied Data Science - Business Data Analysis

Udemy Coupon - Statistics & Applied Data Science - Business Data Analysis, Data Science Statistics : Data Science from Scratch for Beginners : Data Analysis Techniques, Method Course : Analytics

  • Created by Mahmoud Ali
  •  English
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270+ video lectures include real life practical projects and examples for people need to learn statistics for Machine learning and Data Analysis  .

Do you like jobs in data analysis and data science ?
Do you like jobs in Machine learning ?
Do you like jobs in Marketing analyst ?
Do you like jobs in Business analysis and business intelligence ?

All of these jobs above need learning STATISTICS .

Who prepared this course material ?

This course material is prepared from highly experienced engineers worked in a leader companies like Microsoft , Facebook and google .

After hard working from five months ago we created +270 Lectures/Articles to cover everything related to practical statistics .    
In no time with simple and easy way you will learn and love  statistics .
We stress in this course to make it very spontaneous to make all students love statistics .

Who's teaching you in this course ?

My name is Mahmoud , i'm senior consultant and system analyst engineer  i worked for many projects related to expert Systems and artificial intelligence .
Also i worked as Tutor and consultant trainer with a leader international companies located in USA and UK .

I spent over five  months  of hard working to create +270 lectures/Articles  with high quality  to make all students enjoy and love  statistics .  
I'm sharing a lot of practical experience from my own work with you in this  course .

What is my final goal after my students enroll in this course ?

My final goal is to make all students and engineers  love practical statistics .
My big challenge in this course is to make it professional course at the same time it should be very easy and simple for all People .
Therefore you will notice that i used a lot of  graphics and imaginary ideas to make you LOVE DATA ANALYSIS  

What is course contents ?

Starting with FAQ related to interview questions in your career .

What is after data analysis ?

Descriptive statistics with collection of important quizzes and examples .

Normal distribution and standard normal  in details using Z table .

Sampling distribution with practical simulation apps and answering of important technical questions .

Confidence level and Confidence interval .

what is t distribution ? ( with examples )

What is DEGREE OF FREEDOM ? ( with examples )

One tail  and two tail in Confidence level .

Awesome Projects and examples like :

How Mr. Genie helped us to find all fishes in the sea ?

Mr. Genie power versus statistics power

The double edged sword of statistics

Help fisherman to catch Tuna using sampling distribution

Ice Cola example with student's t distribution .

Estimation of goals in premier league ( using confidence interval ) .


One sample mean t test .

Two sample mean t test .

Null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis .

What is P value ?

How to calculate P value using manual and direct method ?

Two mini stories for TWO PROJECTS  related to hypothesis testing

Project one is how Sarah used "one sample mean  t test" for Ice Cola factory  to prove that her brother Ibrahim is innocent ?

Project two how Sarah used "two sample mean t test" for Ice Cola factory to help her brother Ibrahim to increase Ice Cola sales in winter ?

... more and more

.... and more and more course contents

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Who this course is for:
People searching about jobs in data analysis and data science
People searching about jobs in marketing analyst
People searching about jobs in business analysis and business intelligence
Business managers and business directors
practical statistics in data analysis
Anyone needs to learn statistics from beginner to advanced level .
Statistics for data science
Statistics for data analysis
Marketing analyst
AP statistics
Machine learning
beginner in business intelligence
data science
Hypothesis testing

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