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Authentic Assertiveness: Next level communication skills.

Udemy Coupon - Authentic Assertiveness: Next level communication skills., Increase your social skills and assertive communication, while you reduce your stress, fears, and other mental blocks.

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Would you like to be able to speak your mind and ask for what you want in a way that is comfortable both for you and for others?

Would you like to be the kind of person that people listen to because they want to listen, and not because they’re forced to?

Or maybe you just want to learn a few techniques that will help you communicate more clearly and assertively - and make you more influential?

This course, filmed in a high-quality studio environment and taught by top-rated Udemy instructor TJ Guttormsen - an expert on communication with over a decade's worth of hands-on experience with clients from all over the world - will help you achieve all these things and more!

Assertive communication is widely regarded to be the most effective style of communication.

It’s important for nearly all aspects of our lives. From friendships, relationships, and family, to work and success – if we are able to communicate assertively, we are much more likely to create the results that we want.

Since 2009, TJ Guttormsen has worked with people from all over the world to improve their communication skills. He has done over 100 national media appearances, published several books, written hundreds of articles, and taught seminars and courses to thousands of people from all walks of life, from over 135 countries.

His other courses on Udemy have several times been the highest-rated courses in their categories, and the positive feedback from students getting real-world results keep flowing in.

Now he has put together a comprehensive course on Authentic Assertiveness that will teach you how to communicate in such a way that it will inspire others to truly want to listen to you.

When you master authentic assertiveness you’ll be the kind of person who can comfortably ask for what you want, share your opinions, make decisions, take initiatives, and more – in ways that will make both you and the people you’re talking to feel good about it all.

Authentic Assertiveness.

Authentic Assertiveness is not your average assertiveness course. It's not about being the loudest or most insisting person in the room. It's not about having to always be in charge. It's not about using power to get your way.

Authentic Assertiveness is about being comfortable speaking your mind, asking for what you want, saying no, saying yes, taking initiatives, handling disagreements, setting boundaries, giving invitations - and all the other things that make our lives better.

It’s about communicating with others in a connected way which will make you stand out as not just assertive and influential – but also respectful and more socially intelligent than most.

In other words, people won't listen to you because you're loud, forceful, or domineering. They'll listen to you because you're connected with them and because they'll WANT to hear what you have to say.

They'll listen because you'll know how to skillfully share your thoughts, opinions, needs, and wants. They'll listen because they trust your judgment and respect your insights. They'll listen because they want your input - or because they want to help.

To help you achieve this, the course covers the psychology of assertiveness, how to create habits that will make assertiveness feel natural, conversational techniques that will help you handle a variety of situations, as well as how to deal with disagreements and conflicts in a productive and positive way.

So you see, this is not yet another quick-fix, fake-it-till-you-make-it course with a bunch of superficial advice that sounds good but works poorly. This course’s purpose is to help you become an authentically assertive person – inside and out.

And the best part about it?

You don’t have to become another person or act outside of your own values or ethics at all. Authentic assertiveness is all about learning how to be an assertive you.

So, if that sounds like something you might want to learn more about, sign up now and take your first step towards new and better social results.

Who this course is for:
Anyone wanting to improve their communication skills and be more assertive.

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