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Python programming for Machine Learning , Data Analytics

Udemy Coupon - Python programming for Machine Learning , Data Analytics, Introduction to Data Science and Machine Learning with Python

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  • Created by Achala Chathuranga Aponso
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At the end of the Course you will understand the basics of Python Programming and the basics of Data Science & Machine learning.

The course will have step by step guidance for machine learning & Data Science with Python.

You can enhance your core programming skills to reach the advanced level. You will learn about Software Design as well. eg: Flow charts, pseudacodes, algorithms. By the end of these videos, you will get the understanding of following areas the

Setting up the Environment for Python Machine Learning

Understanding Data With Statistics & Data Pre-processing  (Reading data from file, Checking dimensions of Data, Statistical Summary of Data, Correlation between attributes)

Data Pre-processing - Scaling with a demonstration in python, Normalization , Binarization , Standardization in Python,feature Selection Techniques : Univariate Selection

Data Visualization with Python -charting will be discussed here with step by step guidance, Data preparation and Bar Chart,Histogram , Pie Chart, etc..

Artificial Neural Networks with Python, KERAS

KERAS Tutorial - Developing an Artificial Neural Network in Python -Step by Step

Deep Learning -Handwritten Digits Recognition [Step by Step] [Complete Project ]

Naive Bayes Classifier with Python [Lecture & Demo]

Linear regression

Logistic regression

Introduction to clustering [K - Means Clustering ]

K - Means Clustering

Python Programming

Setting up the environment

Python For Absolute Beginners : Setting up the Environment : Anaconda

Python For Absolute Beginners : Variables , Lists, Tuples , Dictionary

Boolean operations

Conditions , Loops

(Sequence , Selection, Repetition/Iteration)


File Handling in Python

Flow Charts


Modular Design

Introduction to Software Design - Problem Solving

Software Design - Flowcharts - Sequence

Software Design - Modular Design

Software Design - Repetition

Flowcharts Questions and Answers # Problem Solving

Who this course is for:
Beginners of Python programming who are curious about Data Science & Machine Learning

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