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Introduction to AI, Machine Learning and Python basics

Udemy Coupon - Introduction to AI, Machine Learning and Python basics, Learn to understand Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, and learn the basics of Python Programming
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Artificial Intelligence has already become an indispensable part of our everyday life, whether when we browse the Internet, shop online, watch videos and images on social networks, and even when we drive a car or use our smartphones. AI is widely used in medicine, sales forecasting, space industry and construction.

Since we are surrounded by AI technologies everywhere, we need to understand how these technologies work. And for such understanding at a basic level, it is not necessary to have a technical or IT education.


In this course, you will learn about the fundamental concepts of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. You will get acquainted with their main types, algorithms and models that are used to solve completely different problems. We will even create models together to solve specific practical examples in Excel - for those who do not want to program anything. And for those who want to get acquainted with Python , a programming language that solves more than 53% of all machine learning tasks today, in this course you will find lectures to familiarize yourself with the basics of programming in this language.


This course may become a kind of springboard for your career development in the field of AI and Machine learning. Having mastered this short course, you will be able to choose the particular area in which you would like to develop and work further. It is worth mentioning that today, AI and Machine Learning specialists are among the highest paid and sought after on the market (according to various estimates, there are about 300,000 AI experts on the global market today, while the demand for them is several million).


So why not reinforce your resume with a certificate from Udemy, the largest international educational platform , that you have completed this course on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and the basics of Python programming .


After completing this course, you will be able to communicate freely on topics related to Artificial Intelligence, machine and deep learning, and neural networks. You will be able to analyze and visualize data, use algorithms to solve problems from different areas.


This course will be regularly supplemented with new lectures and after enrolling in it you will have full access to all materials without any restrictions. Spend a few hours studying this course to get new or improve existing skills and broaden your horizons using the acquired knowledge.

See you inside the course!


Who this course is for:
Beginner learners of AI and Machine learning
Beginner Python developers interested in Machine learning

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