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Videoscribe : Master Whiteboard Animation From Zero To Hero

Udemy Coupon - Videoscribe : Master Whiteboard Animation From Zero To Hero
Create Whiteboard Animation Explainer Videos in VideoScribe V2.3.7 with the help of Inkscape & HandBrake (VideoScribe)

  • 4.5 (179 ratings)
  • Created by Maggie Osama
  •  English

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Sparkol Videoscribe is one of the best and easy to use whiteboard animation program. It's widely used by Business/Website owners, Marketers and Sales people to spread their products/services and drive sales without needing to have any previous experience with animation coding or graphic design. Also, used by online instructors who want to create high quality explainer and engaging videos to their students.


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See what happy students are saying about this course:

"Beautifully put together, Maggie has used remarkable teaching skills to hold a novice "video scriber" by the hand and points h/her in the right direction as she clearly communicates foundation principles using video scribe with reference to additional resources to aid better renditions of projects. Worth my time." - Joseph Oisamoje

" Very nice course for the beginners , Instructor covers every VideoScribe features step by step with VS files, you can download and use it, and practice, after every session is over. Also , she covers how to convert BMB to SVG using inkscape software for good output. Overall Worth for Starters..." - UK JAY

" Maggie's responsiveness is amazing. She goes above and beyond and obviously cares about providing relevant and useful content. I don't expect an instructor to cover everything or operate as support for the app they are demonstrating. I do care that they are invested in their course and this is where Maggie has done such a great job. I look forward to viewing her other courses. Awesome Maggie! " - Meira G


At the end of this course, you'd be able to:

Have a strong foundation to start creating your own amazing videos with VideoScribe

Determine whether VideoScribe is a suitable program to your project/business

Learn how to produce eye catching Whiteboard Animations that highlight your brand or product with no design or technical know-how

Use Inkscape to solve some problems (issues) you may face in Videoscribe

Convert Bitmap to SVG so that it can be traced by the hand tool in VideoScribe

Type any language that is not supported by VideoScribe

Reduce VideoScribe exported video file size without losing quality

What's NEW in VideoScribe V2.3.7?  ( Released February 2017 )

I designed this course carefully in order to be understood by absolute beginners as easily as possible. It includes working files and samples attached. Also, I care to answer all your questions as soon as possible and make sure you understand every bit of this course because I care about my students, I really want them to be successful. 

I am confident you will learn a lot from this course and if you are not satisfied you get a 30 day money back guarantee. I am here to help you with any questions you may have.

This course have at least 10 minutes of free previews available  to you, so you can quickly determine if it's the right one for you! Finally,  you will receive a verifiable certificate of  completion upon finishing the course.

Come on in and we are going to have some fun together,



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Who this course is for:
Business and Website Owners
Sales People
For those who want to create eye catchy internet marketing videos, promotional videos or educational videos
For those who want to create high quality tutorial videos and at the same time, you are a camera shy person, then this program can be a good option.
For those who don't have a budget to buy high quality video production tools, then this program can be a good option
For those who are using PowerPoint or Prezi or Keynote and want to add some animation videos in their presentation
Instructors who want to create online tutorials in a nice looking way and grab their students attention

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