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Python All In One Mastery||Hindi||Urdu||

Udemy Coupon - Python All In One Mastery||Hindi||Urdu||
The One and Only Course In Urdu and Hindi for those who want to master the Python 3.X

  • 4.3 (245 ratings)
  • Created by Ahmad Mohsin
  •  English

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Hi, My name is Mohsin Khalil , and I have PhD in Aerospace Engineering. This course is in Urdu and Hindi. I have created this course for the students who want to learn python without going through the difficulty of learning English language. This course is designed for absolutes beginners in mind , while this course will take absolute beginners to expert level. In this course the most advanced topics are also covered.

Now Questions is this, Is this course as comprehensive as the other famous courses? And the answer is big YES. Here is the reason. I have three years of teaching experience at the University and I have carefully designed the contents of the course to be the most comprehensive, fully compatible with industrial requirements and easy to digest. Rest Assured we have covered all the concepts in Python with The most interactive contents.

Section 1: Introduction


Section 2: Basics of Python

1hr 30min

Section 3: Program_Flow_Control_In_Python

2hr 18min

Section 4: Lists Ranges and Tuples

1hr 16min

Section 5: Dictionaries and Sets

1hr 13min

Section 6: File_Input_OutPut


Section 7: Python_Modules_Libraries

1hr 13min

Section 8: Functions in Python

2hr 38min

Section 9: Object Oriented Programming(OOP)

4hr 19min

Section 10: Generators,Decorators, Lambda
Expressions and Regular Expression

2hr 3min

Section 11: Regular_Expressions


Keep in mind that this course is the most complete course in Python. Covering all the concepts to have master level skill in python.

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Who this course is for:
students Professional who want to learn Python
Professional who want to upgrade their Python Knowledge
Students who are looking for career in web development
Students who are looking for career in Machine Learning
Students who want to be confident about their Python Skill

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