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Machine Learning and Blockchain with Microsoft Azure

Udemy Coupon - Machine Learning and Blockchain with Microsoft Azure, ChatBot | QnAMaker | LUIS | Facebookbot | Translate | Blockchain Workbench

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This course is all about learning various Machine Learning and Blockchain Workbench on Microsoft AZURE cloud platform.

Machine learning and cloud computing are trending domains and also have lot of job opportunities, if you have interest in machine learning as well as cloud computing then this course for you. This course will let you use your machine learning skills deploy in cloud. There are various cloud platform but only few are popular like Azure, AWS, IBM Bluemix and GCP.

Microsoft Azure a cloud platform where we will going to deploy machine learning skills.

You will be learning following topics of Machine Learning on Azure.

Simple chatbot integrate in HTML websites

Echo Bot

Facebook Chat bot

Question and Answer Maker

LUIS(Language Understanding)

Text Analytics

Detecting Language

Analyze image and video

Recognition handwritten from text

Generate Thumbnail

Content Moderator

Translate and many more things

Blockchain is interesting because it brings together economics (movement of value), philosophy (concepts of trust and roots in libertarian thinking) and advanced technology (cryptography and distributed ledger technology). Within each, the research sub-topics as they apply to blockchain are endless. Looking in to smart contracts is interesting because they form the basis for many of the proposed real world applications of blockchain e.g. blockchain voting systems.

In the later sections, we are going to learn concepts of blockchain, cryptography and smart contract. Also clear the confusion that blockchain and bitcoin are not same things

We will be using azure Blockchain Workbench where you can create your own smart contract, roles and do transaction

There will be four roles Owner,Appraiser,Buyer and Inspector in our project.

Learn how to create blockchain applications and enter into the world of INTERNET 2.0


Who this course is for:
Anyone who is intterested in Blockchain and its application
Anyone who wanted to build their own Smart Contract
Anyone who is interested in cloud computing

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