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Docker for Python||Hindi|Urdu||

Udemy Coupon - Docker for Python||Hindi|Urdu||
Learn two of the fastest growing in demand skills in best way.

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  • Created by Ahmad Mohsin
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1 in 3 marine mammal species get found entangled in litter. This plastic is creating havoc, Now i know what are you thinking, Wait a minute, Major Plastic comes from packing. If we just could build universal packing , one pack for all , a universal container for shipping and transporting goods, wouldn't that solve a problem yes it would.

Welcome to docker, Docker exactly solves this packing problem in software industry, So you have many OS, many machines, "But it works on my PC" problem.  Docker makes it work on all PCs.

Demand for docker technology has exploded, so this course has combined two of the most in demand skills , python and when you put python applications in docker containers, boooom, the magic happens.

So, On behalf of all, who say "But it works on my PC", i well come you to this course. Which is unique not only in his content but it delivery , structure and above all it language.

In this course you will study from fundamentals to Docker for Machine Learning. Course is divided into 4 sections as follows

Section 1: Container Fundamentals

Section 2: Building Images

Section 3: Best way to Docker Compose

Section 4: Docker for Machine Learning and Data

And ah i just remember, Welcome to the deal of the century(joke), Udemy gives you 30 days money back guarantee, incase if you dont like the course. So, you got none to loose.

Enroll now and lets get started with this journey.

Who this course is for:
Python Developers
Web Developers
Software Developers
IT Professionals

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