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Azure Machine Learning using Cognitive Services

Udemy Coupon - Azure Machine Learning using Cognitive Services
Learn the Azure Machine Learning Studio, Azure Bot Service, Video Indexing service, Computer Vision for OCR and more!

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  • Created by Tim Buchalka's Learn Programming Academy, Eduardo Rosas
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Has Microsoft’s Cognitive services piqued your interest, but you haven't been able to find a decent course that will teach you how to use those services effectively?

Or maybe you have just recognised how a valuable skill like machine learning can open up big opportunities for you as a developer.

Perhaps you just wanted to find out how to add "superpowers" to your programs to do amazing things like face detection, but had no idea how to go about it.

Whatever the reason that has brought you to this page, one thing is for sure; the information you are looking for is contained in this course!

Why learn about Azure Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is not only a hot topic but more excitingly, Python Developers who understand how to work with Machine Learning are in high demand!

Azure, combined with Microsoft Cognitive Services, are a huge opportunity for developers.  

In this course you will learn how to add powerful Machine Learning functionality to your applications.

You’ll learn how Microsoft Cognitive Services provide advanced machine learning functionality for any kind of application

You will be able to create amazing apps that add “superpowers”, such as language understanding for executing user-requests, verification of users through speech, face detection, identification of people in images, and much more!

You will learn how to bring into play Machine Learning models to simplify business processes when moderating content.

And you will find out how you can create better experiences for your users by adding more interfaces and functionalities such as bots.

Adding these skills to your résumé will greatly boost your future job or freelancer opportunities.

Why choose this course?

This course covers a much wider range of Cognitive Services than other similar courses.

It guides you step by step through the usage of these services instead of just covering the creation inside Azure.

Your instructor, Eduardo Rosas, has been working with Azure services for 4 years.

He has created many apps that leverage Azure services, including one with the implementation of Machine Learning models and image analysis that got him to the Microsoft Imagine Cup World-Wide finals.

The Key Topics Covered include :

The Azure Machine Learning Studio - how to create your own machine learning models with drag and drop interfaces.

The Azure Bot Service - how to create conversational bots that can be connected with Messenger, Slack, Skype, Telegram, and more.

The Video Indexing service - how to identify people in a video, actions, get a transcript of the conversation, with a timestamp, how to translate it and more.

Computer Vision for OCR - handwritten text recognition, image analysis.

Custom Vision for your own image classification model tailored completely to your needs.

Plus an additional nine (9) Cognitive Services!

You'll come away with a concrete understanding of Azure Machine Learning and how to maximize it to create superior apps with amazing functionalities!

The ideal student would be someone who has a basic knowledge of programming and wants to learn about machine learning using Azure and Microsoft Cognitive Services.

If you’re ready to take your skills and app functionalities to the next level, then today is the best day to get started!

Click the enroll button to sign up for the course and we look forward to seeing you on the inside!

Who this course is for:
This course is suitable for any developer who has some basic knowledge of programming (any language).
This course is for you if you want to quickly implement Machine Learning functionality to your own programs. This course is not for developers wanting to learn the ins and outs of ML.
Anyone who's finds complex Math uncomfortable but is interested in Machine Learning and how to apply it to problems.

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