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RPG Inventory Systems: Intermediate Unity C# Coding

Udemy Coupon - RPG Inventory Systems: Intermediate Unity C# Coding
Implement An RPG-Style Inventory System. All Code Base Provided As A Flexible Asset Pack. Improve your C#

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This course is the second in our RPG series and is designed for intermediate users of Unity. We recommend you take at least the first half of our Complete Unity Developer 2D or 3D, or equivalent, as a pre-requisite. You don't need to have completed the first part of the RPG Series (the RPG Core Combat course) but it will give you an advantage if you already have.
By enrolling in this course you will have access to the completed Inventory system as an asset pack which you can import into your existing project. We will also take you step-by-step through the process of using, modifying, improving and understanding the code that drives the asset pack.
Please note, this course follows a different format. Rather than building the inventory system from scratch, line-by-line, we will provide you with our code and then explain how the code works so that you understand it fully. This is an approach that works well for folks who are already competent with Unity and C# and wanting to "get to the answer" more quickly.
Although this course is part of our RPG series, you can use the inventory system for any of your projects that require items to be picked up, dropped, moved and equipped.
In this course we will cover the following systems:
The click-to-pickup and the runover-to-pickup systems
The dropping system
The tooltip overlay system
The stackable item system
The equipping system
The saving and loading system
The course covers many advanced programming principles and goes into great depth to discuss good code architecture practices. We cover Interfaces, Virtual Methods, The debugging tool and many more things that aren't covered in our beginner courses.
Building an RPG is an amazing way to level-up you game development skills, so why not join us and get started improving your game development right now?

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