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Learn Reinforcement Learning From Scratch

Udemy Coupon - Learn Reinforcement Learning From Scratch
This course is your guide to exploring the possibilities in the field of reinforcement learning.

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Welcome to this course: Learn Reinforcement Learning From Scratch. Reinforcement Learning is the next big thing. It is a part of machine learning. Reinforcement learning is one powerful paradigm for making good decisions, and it is relevant to an enormous range of tasks, including robotics, game playing, consumer modeling and healthcare. It allows machines and software agents to automatically determine the ideal behaviour within a specific context, in order to maximize its performance.

In this course, you'll learn

Learn and understand Reinforcement Learning 
Learn how to manage and install software for machine
Learn how to implement common RL algorithms
Learn to Generate a Random MDP Problem
Learn how to solve various reinforcement learning problems
At the end of this course, you will have a logical understanding of Reinforcement learning and know the most appropriate solutions for your problems.

Who this course is for:
Web Developers
Software Developers
Anyone who wants to learn reinforcement learning

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