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The Complete Python Course for Machine Learning Engineers

Udemy Coupon - The Complete Python Course for Machine Learning Engineers, The First Course in a Series for Mastering Python for Machine Learning Engineers

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"I took a few of your courses and you are an amazing teacher. Your courses have brought me up to speed on how to create databases and how to interact and handle Data Engineers and Data Scientists. I will be forever grateful."  -Tony

"By taking this course my perception has changed and now data science for me is more about data wrangling. Thank you, Mike:)"  -Archit

Welcome to The Complete Course for Machine Learning Engineers.

This series of courses is the only real world path to attaining a job as a machine learning engineer.  Machine learning engineers don't build models every day.  

If you want to work in the real world then focus on learning Python. That's what this course is... Python!!!

This is the first course in a series of courses designed to prepare you for a real-world career as a machine learning engineer. 

I'll keep this updated and list only the courses that are live.  Here is a list of the courses that can be taken right now.  Please take them in order.  The knowledge builds from course to course. 

The Complete Python Course for Machine Learning Engineers (This one) 
Data Wrangling in Pandas for Machine Learning Engineers
Data Visualization in Python for Machine Learning Engineers
SciKit-Learn in Python for Machine Learning Engineers (NEW)
In this course we are going to learn Python using a lab integrated approach. Programming is something you have to do in order to master it. You can't read about Python and expect to learn it. 

If you take this course from start to finish you'll know the core foundations of Python, you'll understand the very basics of data cleansing and lastly you'll build a traditional machine learning model and a deep learning model. 

While the course is centered on learning the basics of Python you'll get to see how data cleansing is applied to a data set and how a traditional machine learning model and a deep learning model are built. 

This course is an applied course on machine learning. Here' are a few items you'll learn: 

Python basics from A-Z
Lab integrated. Please don't just watch. Learning is an interactive event.  Go over every lab in detail. 
Real world Interviews Questions
Data Wrangling overview. What is it? Pay attention to the basics, it's what you'll be doing most of your time. 
Build a basic model build in SciKit-Learn. We call these traditional models to distinguish them from deep learning models. 
Build a basic Keras model. Keras is becoming the go to Python library for building deep learning models. 
If you're new to programming or machine learning you might ask, why would I want to learn Python? Python has become the gold standard for building machine learning models in the applied space. The term "applied" simply means the real world. 

Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that allows software applications to become more accurate in predicting outcomes without being explicitly programmed. The key part of that definition is “without being explicitly programmed.”

If you're interested in working as a machine learning engineer, data engineer or data scientist then you'll have to know Python. The good news is that Python is a high level language. That means it was designed with ease of learning in mind. It's very user friendly and has a lot of applications outside of the ones we are interested in. 

In The Complete Course for Machine Learning Engineers we are going to start with the basics. You'll learn how to install Python all the way through building a simple deep learning model using the skills you've learned. 

As you learn Python you'll be completing labs that will build on what you've learned in the previous lesson so please don't skip any. 

                                                               *Five Reasons to take this Course.*

1) You Want to be a Machine Learning Engineer

It's one of the most sought after careers in the world. The growth potential career wise is second to none. You want the freedom to move anywhere you'd like. You want to be compensated for your efforts. You want to be able to work remotely. The list of benefits goes on. Without a solid understanding of Python you'll have a hard time of securing a position as a machine learning engineer. 

2) The Google Certified Data Engineer 

Google is always ahead of the game. If you were to look back at a timeline of their accomplishments in the data space you might believe they have a crystal ball. They've been a decade ahead of everyone.  Now, they are the first and the only cloud vendor to have a data engineering certification. With their track record I'll go with Google.  You can't become a data engineer without learning Python. 

3) The Growth of Data is Insane 

Ninety percent of all the world's data has been created in the last two years. Business around the world generate approximately 450 billion transactions a day. The amount of data collected by all organizations is approximately 2.5 exabytes a day. That number doubles every month.  Almost all real world machine learning is supervised. That means you point your machine learning models at clean tabular data. Python has libraries that are specific to data cleansing. 

4) Machine Learning in Plain English

Machine learning is one of the hottest careers on the planet and understanding the basics is required to attaining a job as a data engineer.  Google expects data engineers and their machine learning engineers to be able to build machine learning models. In this course, you'll learn enough Python to be able to build a deep learning model. 

5) You want to be ahead of the Curve 

The data engineer and machine learning engineer roles are fairly new.  While you’re learning, building your skills and becoming certified you are also the first to be part of this burgeoning field.  You know that the first to be certified means the first to be hired and first to receive the top compensation package. 

Thanks for interest in The Complete Python Course for Machine Learning Engineers 

See you in the course!!

Who this course is for:
If you want to become a machine learning engineer then this course is for you.
If you want to learn the basics of Python then this courses is for.
If you want something beyond the typical lecture style course then this course is for you.

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