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Facebook ChatBot Marketing: The Smart Way To Use ManyChat

Udemy Coupon - Facebook ChatBot Marketing: The Smart Way To Use ManyChat, ManyChat chatbot setup, blueprints, case studies, chatbot strategy, tricks and lots of examples (Updated: June/2019)

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  • Created by Krisztina Rudnay
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Updated in 1/2019.

Messenger bots aren't the future. They are RIGHT NOW. Don't wait till it's too late to figure out how can YOU benefit from them.

Are you new with creating a Chatbot? Looking to increase your confidence and knowledge around creating a well working Manychat bot?

Or just want to learn a new marketing tool? Generate more leads, engage customers, and build your relationship with them?

This course will get you on the fast track with learning some amazing chatbot tactics and strategies that will give you an easy ROI!

Messenger bot setup with step by step instructions

Find out how to structure your chatbot to reach your goals

The way I have created my Manychat sales funnel (and it works)

Campaign strategies and blueprints for different business models

Examples of re-engaging chatbot subscribers

The best way to increase social proof

Collect email address or other personal information inside the bot

What is a Facebook messenger Chatbot?

What if you would have a super loyal employee who works 24/7 12 AM to 12 PM (also on holidays), never complain, and do exactly what you tell them to do? Who hardly ever makes mistakes, never forgets important things, and works 100% effective all the time? Can handle hundreds of customers at the same time? The best thing is he doesn’t ask for salary.

Sounds good?

A chatbot can help you make automated conversations with your customers who are on Facebook (about 2 billion people).

You probably ask: Does it work in my market? Of course! I will show you real chatbot blueprints that work for different industries.

Start your ManyChat Messenger Marketing now, while the competition is not too big. Because it's a new method, very small percentage of businesses use it. A year from now every brand will take advantage on chatbot marketing, so you can be a step ahead your competitor if you start using it and using it right.

By the end of this course, you'll have a finished Manychat chatbot campaign that will develop and build a relationship with your potential customers and ultimately convert leads into fans and customers.

It doesn't matter if you have followers, or just start to build them. It doesn't matter what you sell, or how long you are in the business. If you want more open rates, fast ROI and more engagement, a chatbot is the answer!

Learn how to:

Install Manychat

Create a Facebook messenger bot

Send automated sequences

Send out a broadcast

Use different growth tools

Build flows and messages


Sequence examples

Chatbot sales funnel

Manychat Tips and tricks

What can you do with a chatbot?

Deliver your content

Help your followers find the most relevant content

Engage participants during event

Generate high-quality sales leads

Re-engage potential customers

Reach your target audience one-to-one

Provide speedy customer support

NOTE: I update this course on a regular basis as there are more features come out with ManyChat, as I have new blueprints to show, or learned a cool chatbot trick - I will share them with you.

What others say about this course?

Ricardo Figueroa: This course really helped me understand how Manychat works and create an entire funnel for my customers. I really recommend this course if you want to learn the basics on how to use messenger chatbots and run campaigns

Kyle Robins: Even after using chatbots for 6 months this is a good strong overview that covers things I even missed when originally setting my bots up.

AJ: Straight to the point, so far it's great and giving me exactly what I need

Blaine Hadlock: Krisztina did a nice job of working through most of the main functions of ManyChat. She's knowledgeable, has real world experience, and excellent presentation skills. I had several important takeaways form her lessons. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone wanting a workable understanding of ManyChat.


Edit history:


January 2019: More strategies

July 29. 2018: I added a lecture how to collect email address or other personal information inside the bot with custom fields

June 14. 2018: I added a chatbot blueprint for restaurant businesses

June 3.2018: Added 3 new lectures: split testing (demonstrating on my example), Retargeting subscribers, and 2 blueprints, one for personal trainers, and one for online coaches.

May 27. 2018: I added 1 new lecture to the basic chatbot building (Tagging) and 3 blueprints how can you use your chatbot in any business model

May 14. 2018: Added 1 new lecture to basic chatbot building (User Input)

April 23. 2018: Changed a lecture (My Manychat sales funnel) I had this few months old welcome message case study where I demonstrated how to structure the perfect sales funnel with your chatbot. As I learnt more in my own business, and experienced more with ManyChat, I changed my entire chatbot sales funnel, and when the data showed it works, I recorded it to show you the strategy.

March 19. 2018: I added 2 lectures to the introduction (How can a chatbot help in your business and 4 other ways you can use a chatbot in any type of business model).

February 14. 2018:  Added a new lecture (flow builder) as a new Manychat feature

Who this course is for:
Business owners
Who want their marketing better

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