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Web Development-A Practical HTML CSS and JS Beginner Course

Udemy Coupon - Learn the Foundation of Web Development HTML 5, CSS3 SASS and JavaScript. Create Professional Landing pages

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  • Created by Norbert B. Menyhart
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This is a beginner friendly course. This course will tech you the Foundations of Web Development. This a more practical orientate Course. Aldo we will start up slow with some basic definitions, the main focus here is to have as much as possible hands on experience. Learning by doing is the key word. That means Examples, Assignments and Exercises!

At this point I would like to invite you to join me on this journey and enrich yourself with the foundations of web development. In this Course You will learn Modern HTML 5, CSS 3, and JavaScript, and through applying them you will be able to building from Easy to progressively more complex responsive Responsive Web Pages.

Throughout the course we cover tons of tools and technologies including:



CSS FelxBox

CSS Grid Layout




DOM Manipulation


Projects , Projects and more Projects :)

Two Important Notes about this Course:

1. This is a hands-on Learning by doing Course. This means that we are going to start up Slowly with basic definitions in HTML and CSS and then we will combine them together by building the structure and applying design to our sites. After that we will apply JS in order to make the Site do Thinks.

2. Is that I will be constantly Updating the Content with New Documentation, Examples and Exercises in order to bring you as much value as possible. So you can always lean beck on this Course if you want to refresh your memory about something.


3. The most important thing the you need to know in life is where to find the information you need!

Who this course is for:
Beginner Web Developers
Beginner Web Designers
Beginner HTML
Beginner CSS
Beginner SASS / SCSS
Beginner JavaScript

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