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The Modern JavaScript Bootcamp

The Modern JavaScript Bootcamp
Udemy Coupon - The Modern JavaScript Bootcamp
Learn JavaScript by building real-world apps. Includes 3 real-world projects, 80 programming challenges, and ES6/ES7!

  • 4.7 (7,046 ratings)
  • Created by Andrew Mead
  •  English [Auto-generated], Polish [Auto-generated]

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What you'll learn
  • Learn JavaScript by building three real-world web applications
  • Gain a deep understanding of how JavaScript works behind the scenes
  • Explore the latest cutting-edge features from ES6 and ES7
  • Test your skills and gain confidence by completing over 80 coding challenges
  • Learn how to deploy your application to the web so you can share them with everyone
  • Learn how to use Promises and Async/Await with asynchronous JavaScript
  • Get more done by learning how to debug and fix your code when things go wrong
  • Get access to a free 80 page PDF guide with lecture notes, code samples, and documentation links

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