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Taming Big Data with Apache Spark and Python - Hands On!

Free Discount - Taming Big Data with Apache Spark and Python - Hands On!, Dive right in with 15+ hands-on examples of analyzing large data sets with Apache Spark, on your desktop or on Hadoop!

HIGHEST RATED, 4.5 (6,831 ratings), Created by Sundog Education by Frank Kane, Frank Kane, English, French [Auto-generated], 6 more


What you'll learn

  • Use DataFrames and Structured Streaming in Spark 2
  • Frame big data analysis problems as Spark problems
  • Use Amazon's Elastic MapReduce service to run your job on a cluster with Hadoop YARN
  • Install and run Apache Spark on a desktop computer or on a cluster
  • Use Spark's Resilient Distributed Datasets to process and analyze large data sets across many CPU's
  • Implement iterative algorithms such as breadth-first-search using Spark
  • Use the MLLib machine learning library to answer common data mining questions
  • Understand how Spark SQL lets you work with structured data
  • Understand how Spark Streaming lets your process continuous streams of data in real time
  • Tune and troubleshoot large jobs running on a cluster
  • Share information between nodes on a Spark cluster using broadcast variables and accumulators
  • Understand how the GraphX library helps with network analysis problems

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