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2021 Update! React Testing with Jest and Enzyme


Improve your React, Redux, Hooks and Context Code with Test Driven Development BESTSELLER 4.4 (1,098 ratings) Created by Bonnie Schulkin English [Auto-generated]

What you'll learn

  • Write unit and integration tests for React and Redux using Jest and Enzyme.
  • Know the tradeoffs for different testing approaches and when to choose which approach.
  • Plan your React app more effectively via Test Driven Development.


Take your React code to the next level by learning Test Driven Development (TDD) with Jest and Enzyme! Jest is a powerful, flexible testing framework, and Enzyme provides tools to test React and Redux applications. In this course, you will learn to test:
Connected and unconnected components
Component state and Redux state
Action creators and reducers
Complex action creators that use Redux Thunk and Axios
Action creators called from connected components
React hooks, including useEffect, useState and useReducer
React context, including context with embedded state
Using Jest mock functions to spy on methods, control their return values or simply prevent them from running during the test
Please Note: This course does not cover Jest snapshots, as they are not compatible with the TDD mode of testing.
Why Learn to Test?
Test Driven Development will help you write better organized code that’s easier to maintain, which will save you time in the long run. Your tests provide value to your software development team, since others know they can rely on your code. Employers want developers with testing skills!
Learn the Reasons behind the Syntax
This course discusses tradeoffs when considering different approaches to testing, leaving you confident in the testing choices you make. Furthermore, you will deepen your understanding of React and Redux as we dig into how and why we test each aspect.
Practice your New Skills
You will also have opportunities to practice what you’ve learned. There are occasional “quizzes” while we’re building the course projects, where you can apply what you learned, and then watch a video to see the solution. There are also two sets of challenges to extend the course projects, with solutions on GitHub. 
Who this course is for:

Programmers interested in improving their React apps with testing

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