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Java Memory Management

Java Memory Management
Free Discount - Java Memory Management, What Java professionals need to know about memory, garbage collection, tuning the VM, and avoiding memory leaks.

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  • Created by Matt Greencroft, Virtual Pair Programmers
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This is a course for Java professionals (or aspiring Java professionals) who need an in depth understanding of how memory works in Java. In this course you'll learn what kinds of memory leaks are possible in Java, and how to avoid them. In addition I'll show you tools you can use to analyse how your applications are performing, and detect inefficient memory use, such as objects which are taking up too much memory, or problems causing inefficient garbage collection. And we'll see how to fix these.

You don't need to be a Java Expert to do this course, but you should be able to confidently create basic Java code before you start.

Important note about Java Versions: This course is aimed at users of Java 7 and 8. There's a separate course covering more recent versions of Java (8 and 11+) called "Java Application Performance and Memory Management" - this other course includes almost all the content from this course, upgraded for newer versions of Java, together with other topics around application performance. If you are using newer versions of Java you may wish to take the "Java Application Performance and Memory Management"  course.

Who this course is for:
This is an advanced Java course, and is most suitable for Java programmers who have some experience creating real world production software.
If you have ever created code that has run out of memory, or suffered from poor performance due to memory usage, then this course will show you how to identify the cause and resolve the problem.

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