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Full-Stack Vue with GraphQL - The Ultimate Guide

Free Discount - Full-Stack Vue with GraphQL - The Ultimate Guide, Build a complete Pinterest-inspired full-stack app from scratch with Vue, GraphQL, Apollo 2, Vuex, and Vuetify

4.4 (335 ratings), Created by Reed Barger, English [Auto-generated]


What you'll learn

  • Learn in-depth how to use Apollo Server 2 and Apollo Boost to create powerful full-stack apps
  • Learn how to handle errors on the client and server with Apollo / GraphQL
  • Be able to implement session-based JWT authentication to GraphQL applications
  • Integrate Apollo with Vuex for more reliable and scalable state management
  • Implement infinite scrolling functionality using Vue-Apollo
  • Deploy full-stack JavaScript / GraphQL applications using Heroku and Netlify
  • Learn how to write queries and mutations in the GraphQL language on both the client and server
  • Utilize many useful MongoDB methods and features
  • Create attractive, sophisticated UIs using the Vuetify component framework
  • Use the best in ES6 - ESNext features like async / await, destructuring, spread operators, arrow functions, etc

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